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«Soul Searching: A Girl's Guide to Finding Herself» by Sarah Stillman
English | ISBN: 9781442441248 | EPUB | 0.6 MB

An updated, indispensable guide to empowerment and self-discovery for teens. While fashion magazines, television programs, and websites emphasize the superficial and foster insecurities, Sarah Stillman …

«Where to Park Your Broomstick» by Lauren Manoy
English | ISBN: 9781451603224 | EPUB | 0.9 MB

Modern Witchcraft, often called Wicca, has helped millions of people develop a positive, life-affirming connection to the world we live in. Witchcraft instills confidence, is …

«Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World» by James Van Praagh
English | ISBN: 9781439146576 | EPUB | 2.7 MB

Who Do You Think You Are? Have you ever wondered who you really are and what you are doing here? Believe it or not, the …