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«Prophet» by Frank Peretti
English | ISBN: 9781451673357 | EPUB | 0.8 MB

Now in ebook, a classic from bestselling author Frank Peretti about a TV anchorman whose life is turned upside down as he starts hearing voices …

«Self-Reliance: The Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson as Inspiration for Daily Living» by Ralph Waldo Emerson
English | ISBN: 9782291054283 | EPUB | 0.1 MB

A finely honed abridgement of Emerson's principal essays with an introduction that clarifies the essence of Emerson's ideas and establishes their relevance to our own …

«Angels and Us» by Mortimer J. Adler
English | ISBN: 9781439105788 | EPUB | 0.2 MB

A wonderfully enlightening work on the affinities between angels and human beings. Mortimer Adler has always been ahead of his time. In 1982, before the …

Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law: A Fresh Interpretation
English | 2019 | ISBN: 019091064X | 440 pages | PDF | 3,7 MB

In Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law: A Fresh Interpretation, Mohammad Kamali considers problems associated with and proposals for reform of the hudud punishments prescribed …

Economic Inequality and Morality: Diverse Ethical Perspectives
English | August 27th, 2019 | ISBN: 081573719X | 332 pages | True PDF | 6.55 MB

Examining inequality through the lenses of moral traditions Rising inequality has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years from scholars and politicians, but …

From Plato to Postmodernism
2019 | ISBN: 1642641359, 1642641340 | English | 222 pages | EPUB | 0.3 MB

Greg Johnson’s From Plato to Postmodernism collects essays and lectures on philosophical, political, and cultural themes in Plato, Aristotle, Vico, Rousseau, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Yeats, …

Dewey, Heidegger, and the Future of Education: Beyondness and Becoming
English | PDF,EPUB | 2019 | 214 Pages | ISBN : 3030194817 | 3.5 MB

Drawing on insights into the philosophies of Dewey and Heidegger, this book moves forward the greater philosophical discourse surrounding education. It illuminates deep affinities between …

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Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life [Repost]
English | October 7, 2010 | ISBN: 0195173074 | 315 pages | PDF | 2.83 Mb

Atheists are frequently demonized as arrogant intellectuals, antagonistic to religion, devoid of moral sentiments, advocates of an "anything goes" lifestyle. Now, in this revealing volume, …

«Thomas Reid on Religion» by James J.S. Foster
English | ISBN: 9781845409586 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

Thomas Reid was one of the greatest thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment. In his own time he was seen as the most able opponent of …

Apocalyptic Political Theology : Hegel, Taubes and Malabou
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1350064742 | 217 Pages | PDF | 1.86 MB

Hegel's philosophy of religion contains an implicit political theology. When viewed in connection with his wider work on subjectivity, history and politics, this political theology …