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The City Below
English | EPUB | 0.4 MB

In this compelling family saga set during a tumultuous era in Boston history, 1960-1984, James Carroll chronicles the lives of two brothers, Nick and Terry …

«The Jewels of Aptor» by Samuel Delany
English | ISBN: 9781537803791 | EPUB | 0.2 MB

The waves flung up against the purple glow of double sleeplessness. Along the piers the ships return; but sailing I would go through double rings …

Original Syn
English | September 25, 2018 | ISBN: 1947003992 | EPUB | 474 pages | 1 MB

Fifty years after the Singularity, the world is divided into two populations locked in a cold war: Synthetic Citizens, or Syns, human-computer hybrids with extraordinary …

The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel
English | ISBN: 1631492292 | 2017 | EPUB | 224 pages | 2 MB

"Remarkably prescient… No Gibson, no Sterling, no cyberpunk or spec-fic scribbler of the '80s or '90s ever captured the poisoned zeitgeist of social media better …

The Zeno Effect
English | January 8, 2019 | ISBN: 1789017319 | EPUB | 384 pages | 2.3 MB

It is the year 2029 and the United Kingdom is no longer united. Scotland and England have become uneasy neighbours, while across the planet unchecked …

Storm Warning
English | EPUB | 1.8 MB

She’s keeping secrets. Now he must keep her alive. A murder in the tiny town of Frost Falls is big news. And a mysterious “vacationer” …

Way Station
English | EPUB | 2.1 MB

Two honeymooners desperate for shelter find themselves in quite a sticky situation.

The Power
English | EPUB | 0.2 MB

The Power is a science fiction classic from the 1950s. After the book's initial publication, it was produced as a TV special starring Theodore Bikel …

English | EPUB | 1.9 MB

Kitty Maule longs to be "totally unreasonable, totally unfair, very demanding, and very beautiful." She is instead clever, reticent, self-possessed, and striking. For years. Kitty …

The Chaos Function
English | March 19, 2019 | ISBN: 1328526151 | EPUB | 304 pages | 4 MB

For readers of the best‑selling novels Sleeping Giants and Dark Matter, an intense, high‑stakes thriller with a science‑fiction twist that asks: If technology enabled you …