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Computational Models in Political Economy
English | ISBN: 0262112752 | 2003 | 320 pages | PDF | 24 MB

The use of innovative computational models in political economic research as a complement to traditional analytical methodologies. Researchers are increasingly turning to computational methods to …

The Methodology and Practice of Econometrics
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0199237190, 0198743785 | 480 pages | PDF | 3,2 MB

David F. Hendry is a seminal figure in modern econometrics. He has pioneered the LSE approach to econometrics, and his influence is wide ranging. This …

Modern Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1498796788 | 731 Pages | PDF,EPUB | 24.33 MB

Requiring no prior training, Modern Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences provides a two-semester, graduate-level introduction to basic statistical techniques that takes into account …

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Using Stata for Principles of Econometrics, 4th Edition (repost)
English | 2011 | ISBN: 111803208X | 624 Pages | PDF | 8 MB

Using Stata for Principles of Econometrics, Fourth Edition, by Lee C. Adkins and R. Carter Hill, is a companion to the introductory econometrics textbook Principles …

«Introduction to Applied Econometrics Analysis Using Stata» by Justin Doran,Jane Bourke,Ann Kirby
English | ISBN: 9781846211911 | EPUB | 1.8 MB

Applied econometric analysis is used across many disciplines and in many branches of economics. Increasingly, data is becoming more readily available and software has become …

The Theory of Extensive Form Games (Repost)
English | 2016 | ISBN: 3662499428 | PDF | pages: 251 | 2.0 mb

This book treats extensive form game theory in full generality. It provides a framework that does not rely on any finiteness assumptions at all, yet …

Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation: Theory and Implementation in MATLAB
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1118487710 | 664 pages | PDF | 12,1 MB

A road map for implementing quantitative financial models Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation brings the application of financial models to a higher level by …

Mathematical Programming for Agricultural, Environmental, and Resource Economics
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0470599367 | 512 Pages | PDF | 6.8 MB

Mathematical Programming Models for Agriculture, Environmental, and Resource Economics provides a comprehensive overview of mathematical programming models and their applications to real world and important …

Introductory Econometrics: Intuition, Proof, and Practice
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0804772622 | 672 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Introductory Econometrics: Intuition, Proof, and Practice attempts to distill econometrics into a form that preserves its essence, but that is acceptable—and even appealing—to the student's …

Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery (Repost)
English | EPUB | 2014 | 461 Pages | ISBN : 331901594X | 4.38 MB

Data analysis, machine learning and knowledge discovery are research areas at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and statistics. They cover general methods …