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«Dig to Disaster» by Robert Quackenbush
English | ISBN: 9781534413146 | EPUB | 3.7 MB

World-famous duck-tective Miss Mallard must discover who is terrorizing an archaeological expedition in this mystery that launches QUIX, a new line of fun-to-read short chapter …

«The Wonderful Adventures of Nils» by Selma Lagerlöf
English | ISBN: 9789176393970 | EPUB | 0.5 MB

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Orig. Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige) is a famous work of fiction by Selma Lagerlöf, published in two parts …

«The Ugly Duckling and Other Tales» by Hans Christian Andersen
English | ISBN: 9781909438743 | EPUB | 1.4 MB

A homely little bird born in a barnyard, chastised for being different from the rest, the ugly ducking matures into a beautiful swan, the most …