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«A Promise to Kill» by Erik Storey
English | ISBN: 9781471146916 | EPUB | 0.5 MB

Discover a new hero… Clyde Barr, the drifter with lethal skills, is alone again, wandering the highways of the American West in search of something …

Universal Love: Stories
English | January 21, 2020 | ISBN: 1250144353 | EPUB | 240 pages | 2.2 MB

A hypnotic collection of speculative fiction about compassion, love, and human resilience in the technological hyper-age, from Alexander Weinstein, author of Children of the New …

«Time to Dream» by Lance Spencer Wells
English | ISBN: 9781903029053 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

LUGUBRIOUS JUBILATION.-majors on dark humour based upon 'everyday' activities. CLASSIC CAR - Adult, weekend revelry developing unexpecedly for the entertainment and pleasure of the whole …

Lone Star 151/scorpio
English | EPUB | 0.5 MB

An assassin blazes a bloody trail headed straight for Jessie and Ki! Jessica Starbuck, a woman fighting for justice on the American frontier, and Ki, …

«In the Footsteps of Hemingway From Pamplona to Bimini» by Ray Knight
English | ISBN: 9781909908246 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

Ernest Hemingway casts a very long shadow – especially the one thrown over Ray Knight by the Bahamian sunset on Hemingway's beloved islands of Bimini. …

Lucky You
English | February 1, 2005 | ISBN: 0446695653 | 464 pages | EPUB | 0.29 MB

A Florida woman wins millions in the lottery only to have her ticket stolen.

Lone Star 54
English | EPUB | 0.6 MB

The hunt for a lawnman's killer pits Jessie and Ki against an outlaw with a double score to settle in fifty-fourth Lone Star novel! They …

Lone Star 31
English | EPUB | 0.5 MB

Jessie and Ki fight a new breed of outlaws in the north country in the thirty-first Lone Star novel! They call them The Lone Star …

Carrier 14: Typhoon Season
English | EPUB | 0.6 MB

Off the coast of China, the storm clouds of war are gathering into a thunderhead. An American yacht has been attacked in international waters by …

Creatures of the Kingdom: Stories of Animals and Nature
English | ISBN: 0345483030 | April 18, 1995 | EPUB | 320 pages | 5 MB

In sixteen wonderful stories, Pulitzer Prize–winning author James A. Michener burrows deep into the secret lives of animals and the hidden world of nature. Here …