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Homemade Face Masks: The Complete Guide to Easily Make Different Types of Protection Masks at Home
English | 2020 | ASIN: B0864NQ8D1 | 31 Pages | EPUB | 0.7 MB

With the latest virus epidemic, it is now more vital than it has ever been to ensure that we equip ourselves with protective masks. Unfortunately, …

«The Most Dangerous Game» by Richard Connell
English | ISBN: 9783961898176 | EPUB | 0.2 MB

The Most Dangerous Game is a short story by Richard Connell, first published in Collier's on January 19, 1924. The story features a big-game hunter …

«A Christmas Dream, and How It Came True» by Louisa May Alcott
English | ISBN: 9781911144472 | EPUB | 2.9 MB

I am so tired of Christmas I wish there never would be another one!' exclaimed a discontented-looking little girl, as she sat idly watching her …

«Duke's Christmas» by Ruth McEnery Stuart
English | ISBN: 9783849647445 | EPUB | 0.2 MB

"Christmas Classics" is proud to present you a carefully selected range of fiction and prose for the most beautiful time of the year. You can …

English | EPUB | 0.8 MB

From beautiful lyrics to madcap waggery, from the prime suspect in a partridge killing in ancient Greece to the medieval monk's cat Pangur Bán and …

«A Letter to a Hindu» by Leo Tolstoy
English | ISBN: 9781681956800 | EPUB | 0.2 MB

The subjection of India, its cause and cure. “All that exists is One. People only call this One by different names." Leo Tolstoy, A Letter …

«The Ghost in the Picture Room» by Adelaide Anne Procter
English | ISBN: 9782291060574 | EPUB | 0.1 MB

Belinda, with a modest self-possession quite her own, promptly answered for this Spectre in a low, clear voice: The lights extinguished; by the hearth I …

Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing (Sons of Gulielmus) [Repost]
English | July 1, 2007 | ISBN: 1581808615 | 144 pages | EPUB | 17 Mb

Awe-inspiring works by contemporary masters, along with the secrets behind its creation. Drawing is the most intimate and immediate form of self-expression, fundamental to every …

«The Ebony Frame» by Edith Nesbit
English | ISBN: 9782291050407 | EPUB | 0.1 MB

"""Oh! my dear, my dear, how shall I pass the hours till I hold you again?"" No thought, then, of my whole life's completion and …

«The Landscape Garden» by Edgar Allan Poe
English | ISBN: 9782291033721 | EPUB | 0.1 MB

A classic supernatural short story by Edgar Allan Poe involving a beautiful landscape garden in the setting.