Sins and Sinners: Perspectives from Asian Religions

Sins and Sinners: Perspectives from Asian Religions


Asian religious traditions have always been deeply concerned with "sins" and what to do about them. As the essays in this volume illustrate, what Buddhists in Tibet, India, China or Japan, what Jains, Daoists, Hindus or Sikhs considered to be a "sin" was neither one thing, nor exactly what the Abrahamic traditions meant by the term. "Sins"could be both undesireable behavior and unacceptable thoughts. In different contexts, at different times and places, a sin might be a ritual infraction or a violation of a rule of law; it could be a moral failing or a wrong belief. However defined, sins were considered so grave a hindrance to spiritual perfection, so profound a threat to the social order, that the search for their remedies through rituals of expiation, pilgrimage, confession, recitation of spells, or philosophical reflection, was one of the central quests of the religions studied here.

Table of contents

Contents......Page 6
Acknowledgements......Page 8
Part One Sinning in Asian Religious Traditions......Page 16
Social and Soteriological Aspects of Sin and Penance in Medieval Hindu Law......Page 18
Sin and Expiation in Sikh Texts and Contexts: From the N?nak Panth to the Kh?ls?......Page 40
Living Without Sin: Reflections on the Pre-Buddhist World in Early China......Page 66
Sin, Sinification, Sinology: On the Notion of Sin in Buddhism and Chinese Religions......Page 82
The Evil Person is the Primary Recipient of the Buddhas Compassion The Akunin Sh?ki Theme in Shin Buddhism of Japan......Page 102
The Sin of Slandering the True Dharma in Nichirens Thought......Page 122
Ritual Faults, Sins, and Legal Offences: A Discussion about Two Patterns of Justice in Contemporary India......Page 162
Part Two Dealing with Sin......Page 182
After Sinning: Some Thoughts on Remorse, Responsibility, and the Remedies for Sin in Indian Religious Traditions......Page 184
The Role of Confession in Chinese and Japanese Tiantai/Tendai Bodhisattva Ordinations......Page 225
Removal of Sins in Esoteric Buddhist Rituals: A Study of the Dafangdeng Dh?ra?? Scripture......Page 252
Redeeming Bugs, Birds, and Really Bad Sinners in Some Medieval Mah?y?na S?tras and Dh?ra??s......Page 285
Sometimes Love Dont Feel Like It Should: Redemptive Violence in Tantric Buddhism......Page 304
Sin and Flaws in Kerala Astrology......Page 318
Sin and Expiation in Nepal: The Makar Mela? Pilgrimage in Panaut?......Page 333
Sin and Expiation among Modern Hindus: Obeying Ones Duty or Following Freely Accepted Rules?......Page 366
Index......Page 390


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  • Publication Date: 2012
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