"Water and Wastewater Treatment" ed. by Murat Eyvaz

ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789239303 9781789239300 178923929X 9781789239294 1789846889 9781789846881 | 143 pages | PDF | 15 MB

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The book consists of valuable scientific research specifically including desalination and use of renewable energy, nanomaterials, biosorbents, photocatalytic treatment, as well as riverbank filtration and wetlands. The use of water, one of the most valuable and vital resources in the world, should respond to growing needs, and used water should not have negative effects on the environment. Research on the reduction of used water and wastewater quantities, post-use treatment, or reuse/recovery methods is increasing day by day. These studies focus on finding the most appropriate method from both technical and economic perspectives. In this book, emerging technologies and materials used in the treatment, reuse, or recovery of various kinds of water and wastewaters are examined. Contents 1.Treatment of Water and Wastewater for Reuse and Energy Generation-Emerging Technologies 2.Desalination with Renewable Energy: A 24 Hours Operation Solution 3.Nonconventional Wastewater Treatment for the Degradation of Fuel Oxygenated (MTBE, ETBE, and TAME) 4.Removal of Cr(VI) from Waters by Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Optimization and Kinetic Investigations 5.Advances in Metal Recovery from Wastewaters Using Selected Biosorbent Materials and Constructed Wetland Systems 6.Removal of Escherichia Coli Using Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field in Riverbank Filtration 7.Photocatalytic Treatment of Pesticides Using TiO2 Doped with Rare Earth 8.Assessment of Microbial Load Reduction Efficiency of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP’s) in Mysore, Karnataka, India 1st true PDF with TOC BookMarkLinks