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MEAN Machine: A beginner's practical guide to the JavaScript stack

English | 2015 | ISBN: N/A | 245 pages | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 26 Mb


This book was written with Angular 1 in mind. With Angular 2 (now up to v4), we are preparing the next book. Check it out! Angular Machine: The Practical Book to Angular v4+ Learn to write MEAN Stack applications from scratch Want to learn Node.js and AngularJS? In this book, we will be learning about four pieces of software (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js) and how they combine to make the great MEAN stack. This book is suitable for beginners with no Angular or Node experience. Only a very basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is necessary. What You’ll Learn For just $25, you’ll gain a great real-world understanding of how to use Node and Angular. You will also learn the following: Build Node/Express applications and RESTful APIs from scratch How to authenticate Node and Angular applications Handle CRUD operations with MongoDB Build dynamic Angular frontend applications from scratch Build scalable and well-structured MEAN applications Best practices and techniques in application development Use Bower and Gulp for efficient development This book is essentially three books in one. Getting Started with Angular, Getting Started with Node, and Building Applications with Node and Angular. You'll have the knowledge to build not just MEAN apps, but standalone Node and standalone Angular applications as well. What You'll Build RESTful API in Node and Express with token based authentication Angular token based authentication MEAN stack CRM to manage users Starter MEAN app with Bower and Gulp And more… Why MEAN? You’ve probably heard of the MEAN stack around the web and have been wondering what’s so great about it. Building with the four MEAN components can create not only amazing applications, but also a faster and easier development process. Having entire applications written in JavaScript makes development easier since you only have to deal with one language for the backend and frontend. This means your development time is shorter, your team can work better together, and your JavaScript knowledge can transfer across your entire development stack. Code Samples Code samples are provided in a GitHub repository to download and use for learning or within your own projects.

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