Absorption and Drug Development: Solubility, Permeability, and Charge State, Second Edition

Absorption and Drug Development: Solubility, Permeability, and Charge State, Second Edition


Explains how to perform and analyze the results of the latest physicochemical methods

With this book as their guide, readers have access to all the current information needed to thoroughly investigate and accurately determine a compound`s pharmaceutical properties and their effects on drug absorption. The book emphasizes oral absorption, explaining all the physicochemical methods used today to analyze drug candidates. Moreover, the author provides expert guidance to help readers analyze the results of their studies in order to select the most promising drug candidates.

This Second Edition has been thoroughly updated and revised, incorporating all the latest research findings, methods, and resources, including:

  • Descriptions and applications of new PAMPA models, drawing on more than thirty papers published by the author`s research group

  • Two new chapters examining permeability and Caco-2/MDCK and permeability and the blood-brain barrier

  • Expanded information and methods to support pKa determination

  • New examples explaining the treatment of practically insoluble test compounds

  • Additional case studies demonstrating the use of the latest physicochemical techniques

  • New, revised, and expanded database tables throughout the book

Well over 200 drawings help readers better understand difficult concepts and provide a visual guide to complex procedures. In addition, over 800 references serve as a gateway to the primary literature in the field, facilitating further research into all the topics covered in the book.

This Second Edition is recommended as a reference for researchers in pharmaceutical R&D as well as in agrochemical, environmental, and other related areas of research. It is also recommended as a supplemental text for graduate courses in pharmaceutics.

Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 111):
Chapter 2 Transport Model (pages 1230):
Chapter 3 pKa Determination (pages 31173):
Chapter 4 OctanolWater Partitioning (pages 174219):
Chapter 5 LiposomeWater Partitioning (pages 220250):
Chapter 6 Solubility (pages 251318):
Chapter 7 PermeabilityPAMPA (pages 319498):
Chapter 8 Permeability: Caco?2/MDCK (pages 499574):
Chapter 9 Permeability: BloodBrain Barrier (pages 575680):
Chapter 10 Summary and Some Simple Approximations (pages 681684):


  • Author: Alex Avdeef(auth.)
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • ISBN-13: 9781118057452, 9781118286067
  • Pages: 734
  • Format: pdf
  • Size: 13.1M
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