30 Great Myths about Shakespeare

30 Great Myths about Shakespeare


Think you know Shakespeare? Think again . . .

Was a real skull used in the first performance of Hamlet? Were Shakespeare`s plays Elizabethan blockbusters? How much do we really know about the playwright`s life? And what of his notorious relationship with his wife? Exploring and exploding 30 popular myths about the great playwright, this illuminating new book evaluates all the evidence to show how historical materialor its absencecan be interpreted and misinterpreted, and what this reveals about our own personal investment in the stories we tell.Content:
Chapter 1 Shakespeare was the Most Popular Writer of his Time (pages 610):
Chapter 2 Shakespeare was not Well Educated (pages 1117):
Chapter 3 Shakespeare`s Plays Should be Performed in Elizabethan Dress (pages 1825):
Chapter 4 Shakespeare was not Interested in Having his Plays Printed (pages 2633):
Chapter 5 Shakespeare Never Traveled (pages 3439):
Chapter 6 Shakespeare`s Plays are Politically Incorrect (pages 4046):
Chapter 7 Shakespeare was a Catholic (pages 4753):
Chapter 8 Shakespeare`s Plays had no Scenery (pages 5459):
Chapter 9 Shakespeare`s Tragedies are More Serious than his Comedies (pages 6065):
Chapter 10 Shakespeare Hated his Wife (pages 6671):
Chapter 11 Shakespeare Wrote in the Rhythms of Everyday Speech (pages 7279):
Chapter 12 Hamlet was Named After Shakespeare`s Son (pages 8085):
Chapter 13 The Coarse Bits of Shakespeare are for the Groundlings; the Philosophy is for the Upper Classes (pages 8693):
Chapter 14 Shakespeare was a Stratford Playwright (pages 9498):
Chapter 15 Shakespeare was a Plagiarist (pages 99105):
Chapter 16 We Don`t Know Much About Shakespeare`s Life (pages 106112):
Chapter 17 Shakespeare Wrote Alone (pages 113118):
Chapter 18 Shakespeare`s Sonnets are Autobiographical (pages 119124):
Chapter 19 If Shakespeare Were Writing Now, He`d be Writing for Hollywood (pages 125129):
Chapter 20 The Tempest was Shakespeare`s Farewell to the Stage (pages 130136):
Chapter 21 Shakespeare had a Huge Vocabulary (pages 137142):
Chapter 22 Shakespeare`s Plays are Timeless (pages 143149):
Chapter 23 Macbeth is Jinxed in the Theater (pages 150155):
Chapter 24 Shakespeare Did Not Revise His Plays (pages 156162):
Chapter 25 Boy Actors Played Women`s Roles (pages 163168):
Chapter 26 Shakespeare`s Plays Don`t Work As Movies (pages 169174):
Chapter 27 Yorick`s Skull was Real (pages 175182):
Chapter 28 Queen Elizabeth Loved Shakespeare`s Plays (pages 183189):
Chapter 29 Shakespeare`s Characters are Like Real People (pages 190195):
Chapter 30 Shakespeare Didn`t Write Shakespeare (pages 196201):


  • Author: Laurie Maguire, Emma Smith(auth.)
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • ISBN-13: 9780470658505, 9781118326770
  • Pages: 223
  • Format: pdf
  • Size: 2.3M
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