The 2nd International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud

The 2nd International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud


Proceedings from the 2013 LTEC conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The papers examine diverse aspects of Learning Technology for Education in Cloud environments, including social, technical and infrastructure implications. Also addressed is the question of how cloud computing can be used to design applications to support real time on demand learning using technologies. The workshop proceedings provide opportunities for delegates to discuss the latest research in TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) and its impacts for learners and institutions, using cloud technologies.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
A Case Study on the Self-Efficacy and Online Help Seeking Tendencies of EFL Learners....Pages 3-13
Teaching Object-Oriented Programming in First-Year Undergraduate Courses Supported By Virtual Classrooms....Pages 15-26
Intelligent Classroom with Motion Sensor and 3D Vision for Virtual Reality e-Learning....Pages 27-33
Service Innovation Framework for Electronic Portfolio Appropriation for a Technology-based University....Pages 35-38
Front Matter....Pages 39-39
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Pre-service Teacher Education: Research in Progress....Pages 41-47
A Conceptual Model for the Shareability of e-Courses in China....Pages 49-60
With Blended Learning Information Operational System Design in Response to Globalized Logistics Talent Training....Pages 61-71
e-Learning Requirement in University....Pages 73-82
Association Link Network-Based Automatic Test Generation Scheme....Pages 83-92
Quality Standards for e-Learning in Vocational Education and Training: The Certified European E-Tutor....Pages 93-100
The Need to Support Independent Student-Directed Learning....Pages 101-108
Communities of Practice as an Improvement Tool for Knowledge Sharing in a Multi-Cultural Learning Community....Pages 109-114
Short Review of the Missing Links in Teacher Research Models for Educational Technology Acceptance in Literature....Pages 115-123
Are There Positive Learning Effects of Online Access to Peer-Generated Questions?....Pages 125-129
Front Matter....Pages 131-131
What (Use) is a MOOC?....Pages 133-145
MOOC in Latin America: Implementation and Lessons Learned....Pages 147-158
Front Matter....Pages 159-159
A Pedagogical Cloud for Reusability, Interoperability and Portability of Pedagogical Indicators....Pages 161-174
The Experience of Using e-Learning Platform on Cloud....Pages 175-179
Use of New Technology in Higher Education: A Migration to a Cloud-Based Learning Platform....Pages 181-191
An Enhanced Approach to Retrieve Learning Resources Over the Cloud....Pages 193-203
Front Matter....Pages 159-159
Preventing Domestic Violence Via Education in Cloud Computing Service....Pages 205-209


  • Author: Sou-Chen Lee, Gregory Siy Ching (auth.), Lorna Uden, Yu-Hui Tao, Hsin-Chang Yang, I-Hsien Ting (eds.)
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Publisher: Springer Netherlands
  • ISBN-13: 9789400773073, 9789400773080
  • Pages: 206
  • Format: pdf
  • Size: 4.2M
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