The 2nd International Symposium on Rail Transit Comprehensive Development (ISRTCD) Proceedings

The 2nd International Symposium on Rail Transit Comprehensive Development (ISRTCD) Proceedings


With the increasing sophistication of urban rail networks, the combined effects of rail transit on urban development are more and more complex and in-depth, and large-scale rail transit construction and operation have placed new demands on planning, construction, investment and financing. This main aim of these proceedings is to study and explore theoretical progress, methodological innovation and lessons learned in aspects of the planning stage, urban planning, architectural design, development and construction, safety systems, management support, etc. involved in the process of comprehensive utilization along urban rail transit lines and in the development and utilization of the surrounding land, in order to provide a platform for decision-makers and researchers involved in urban rail transit construction, urban construction and development.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xx
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
The Structure Research on Comprehensive Development and Integrated Use of Land and Space Around Metro Stations for the Sustainable Rail Transit Development....Pages 3-21
Explore the Impact of the Metro Station to the Surrounding Area....Pages 23-39
Research of Urban Land Use Based on TOD Mode....Pages 41-49
The Evolvement Mechanism of Land Use and Urban Space Structure Along Rail Transit....Pages 51-58
Frequency Setting of Urban Mass Transit Based on Passenger Flow Along the Entire Line....Pages 59-65
Facility Configuration Optimization in Subway Stations....Pages 67-74
Comparative Study on the Transfer Efficiency of Triple-Line Transfer Station for Urban Rail Transit....Pages 75-83
Analysis on the Economic Effect of Urban Mass Transit Based on System Dynamics....Pages 85-94
The Arrival Passenger Flow Short-Term Forecasting of Urban Rail Transit Based on the Fractal Theory....Pages 95-101
Analysis on Influence of Railway Station on Planning and Design of Surrounding Region....Pages 103-112
The Fallacy and Planning Strategies on Land-Use of Rail Transit Site Area in China....Pages 113-119
Short Time Forecasting of Rail Transit Passenger Volume....Pages 121-130
Research on Transfer Design of the Subway Station Buildings....Pages 131-143
Research on Traffic Assignment Problem in a Multimodal Hyper-Graph....Pages 145-152
Research on the Legibility of Urban Rail Transit Square....Pages 153-161
Comparison & Analysis Among the Development Modes of Ground and Underground Urban Rail Rolling Stock Depots....Pages 163-171
The Discussion of Beijing Rail Transit Development Scale....Pages 173-179
Development Tendency and Solution Research to Chinas Large Airport Transportation....Pages 181-186
Mix and Match in Urban Design....Pages 187-196
Optimization Model of Land Use Surrounding Rail Transit Stations Based on TOD....Pages 197-204
Front Matter....Pages 205-205
Building Complex Integrated with City Rail Transport: Practices from Newly Built Building Complexes in Japan....Pages 207-215
The Strategy of the Coordinated Development Between Rail Transport and the Layout of Urban Spatial in Beijing....Pages 217-225
Research on Impact of Urban Rail Transit on House Price Along the Line: A Case Study on No. 1 Line of Tianjin Subway....Pages 227-236
Catalytic Effect of Underground Commercial Space of City and Its Design Method Take Underground Mall of Hangzhou Wulin Square as an Example....Pages 237-245
Development Strategies on Peripheral Areas of Xuzhou Rail Transit Stations....Pages 247-257
Investigate of Tourism Real Estate Development Model Along Intercity Railways For Example of Jiangxi Tonggu Spa Tourist Service Center....Pages 259-266
Research on the Control Planning of Land Use Along Rail Transportation Taking Xuzhou Rail Transportation as an Example....Pages 267-272
Studies on the Design of Rail Transit Complex of Guangda Station in Changsha Metro Line 2....Pages 273-280
The Optimization Design Strategy of Xizhimen Underground Commercial Space Based on Post-Occupancy Evaluation....Pages 281-294
The Spatial Effects of High Speed Rail on Intermediate Cities in China A Case Study of Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway....Pages 295-315
Regional Studies on Form Design of Metro Station Entrance Taking Changsha Metro Line 2 Entrance as an Example....Pages 317-324
Survey of Xizhimen Station of Beiping-Suiyuan Railway in 19281949 and the Relationship Between the Station and Urban Space....Pages 325-332
The Discussion of City Track Traffic and Underground Space Development Problem....Pages 333-343
Railway Station Integrated Business Development Planning and Architectural Design Integration and Application Research....Pages 345-365
The Idea and Strategy in the Urban Design of Tangshan North Station....Pages 367-376
Front Matter....Pages 377-377
The Optimization Model of Urban Transit Departure Frequency....Pages 379-385
Long Time Forecasting of Rail Transit Passenger Volume....Pages 387-394
A Study on City Logistics Design Planning Based on Logistics Requirements Potential Model....Pages 395-401
Back Matter....Pages 403-404


  • Author: Haishan Xia, Yunan Zhang (eds.)
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
  • ISBN-13: 9783642375880, 9783642375897
  • Pages: 402
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