28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 2

28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 2


The University of Manchester hosted the 28th International Symposium on Shock Waves between 17 and 22 July 2011. The International Symposium on Shock Waves first took place in 1957 in Boston and has since become an internationally acclaimed series of meetings for the wider Shock Wave Community. The ISSW28 focused on the following areas: Blast Waves, Chemically Reacting Flows, Dense Gases and Rarefied Flows, Detonation and Combustion, Diagnostics, Facilities, Flow Visualisation, Hypersonic Flow, Ignition, Impact and Compaction, Multiphase Flow, Nozzle Flow, Numerical Methods, Propulsion, Richtmyer-Meshkov, Shockwave Boundary Layer Interaction, Shock Propagation and Reflection, Shock Vortex Interaction, Shockwave Phenomena and Applications, as well as Medical and Biological Applications. The two Volumes contain the papers presented at the symposium and serve as a reference for the participants of the ISSW 28 and individuals interested in these fields.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Numerical Investigation of Processes Accompanying Energy Release in Water Near the Free Surface....Pages 3-8
Experimental Study of Scale Effects on Shock Wave Interaction with a Granular Layer....Pages 9-14
Supercavitation Phenomenon during Water Exit and Water Entry of a Fast Slender Body....Pages 15-20
Explosive Eruptions of Volcanoes: Hydrodynamic Shock Tubes as Lab Method of Simulation....Pages 21-26
Investigation of Bubble Collapse and Water Jet Induced by Underwater Explosion in a Rectangular Tube....Pages 27-32
Numerical Analysis of Interaction between Moving Shock Wave and Solid Particle Layer....Pages 33-38
Study of the Interaction between a Shock Wave and a Cloud of Droplets....Pages 39-44
Motion of Non-spherical Particles Following Shock Passage....Pages 45-50
Shocked Fluid/Fluid and Fluid/Solid Interactions Using a Conservative Level-Set Method....Pages 51-56
Anti-diffusion Interface Sharpening Technique for Two-Phase Compressible Flow Simulations....Pages 57-62
Numerical Simulation of a Transonic Gas-Droplet Two-Phase Flow over an Airfoil with a Droplet Breakup Model....Pages 63-68
Numerical Investigation of Cavitation Bubble Dynamics Near Walls....Pages 69-75
Time Resolved Measurements of Shock Induced Cavitation Bubbles in Various Liquids: A Novel Method of Optical Measurement....Pages 77-81
The Behaviors of a Drop in Ambient Liquid under a Sudden Impact....Pages 83-88
Application of Laser Holography and PDPA Technology in Spraying Fuel Particle Field Measurement....Pages 89-94
Secondary Atomization on Two-Phase Shock Wave Structure....Pages 95-100
Dense Particle Cloud Dispersion by a Shock Wave....Pages 101-106
Dynamic Jet Formation from Mitigation Materials....Pages 107-113
Interaction of a Planar Shock with a Dense Field of Particles....Pages 115-120
Direct Numerical Simulations of Supersonic Interfacial Flows....Pages 121-126
Front Matter....Pages 127-127
Experimental Investigation of Asymmetric and Unsteady Flow Separation in High Mach Number Planar Nozzles....Pages 129-134
Experimental Investigation of Shock Train Induced Turbulence....Pages 135-140
Influence of a Normal Slot Boundary Layer Suction System onto a Shock Train....Pages 141-146
Numerical Investigation of Over-Expanded Nozzle Flows: Influence of Internal Shock Waves....Pages 147-152
Asymmetric Flow Separation in de Laval Nozzle....Pages 153-158
2D Numerical Simulation of Jet Injection into a Channel with a Cavity....Pages 159-164
Pseudo-shock System Structure in Rectangular Laval Nozzles with Gaps....Pages 165-170
Thrust Shock Vector Control of an Axisymmetric C-D Nozzle via Transverse Gas Injection....Pages 171-177
Flow Visualization of Supersonic Free Jet Utilizing Acetone LIF....Pages 179-184
Effect of Roughness in Jets in Mach 5 Cross Flow....Pages 185-191
Front Matter....Pages 193-193
Antiforce Current Bearing Waves....Pages 195-201
Numerical Simulation of Initial Shock and Detonation Wave Development in Shock-Tube Configurations....Pages 203-209
Computations of Flow Field around an Object Decelerating from Supersonic to Subsonic Velocity....Pages 211-216
Effects of Turbulent Inflow Conditions on Feedback-Loop Mechanisms in Supersonic Cavity Flows....Pages 217-223
Scale Separation for Implicit Large Eddy Simulation....Pages 225-230
On the Carbuncle Origins from Moving and Stationary Shocks....Pages 231-237
A Numerical Study of High Enthalpy Flow over a Rearward Facing Step with Rounded Corners....Pages 239-244
Application of a New Hybrid Explicit-Implicit Flow Solver to 1D Unsteady Flows with Shock Waves....Pages 245-250
Prediction of Transition Location and Its Effects on Shock Bump Control on a Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil....Pages 251-256
An Investigation into Solver Strategies for the Modelling of Compressible Turbulent Flow....Pages 257-263
Front Matter....Pages 193-193
An Application of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method for Modeling of Nonstationary Hypersonic Flows in the Atmosphere....Pages 265-270
Front Matter....Pages 271-271
High Mach Number and Total Pressure Flow Conditions for Scramjet Testing....Pages 273-279
A Computational Study of Supersonic Combustion Relevant to AirBreathing Engines....Pages 281-286
On Thermodynamic Cycles for Detonation Engines....Pages 287-292
External and Internal Configurations of the 14-X Hypersonic Aerospace Vehicle....Pages 293-299
Particle-Impact Ignition Measurements in a High-Pressure Oxygen Shock Tube....Pages 301-306
Limiting Contractions for Starting Prandtl-Meyer-Type Scramjet Inlets with Overboard Spillage....Pages 307-312
Interaction between Combustion and Shock Wave in Supersonic Combustor....Pages 313-318
Front Matter....Pages 319-319
Effects of Initial Conditions on Mixing in Richtmyer-Meshkov Turbulence Experiments....Pages 321-327
Numerical Investigation of Turbulence in Re-shocked Richtmyer-Meshkov Unstable Curtain of Dense Gas....Pages 329-334
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Inclined Air/SF 6 Interface Instability under Shock Wave....Pages 335-344
Experimental Study on a Heavy-Gas Cylinder Accelerated by Cylindrical Converging Shock Waves....Pages 345-350
Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability at the Interface of Gas-Oil-Water Three Matters....Pages 351-357
Experimental Shock-Initiated Combustion of a Spherical Density Inhomogeneity....Pages 359-364
Investigations on a Gaseous Interface Accelerated by a Converging Shock Wave....Pages 365-370
Long Time Observation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability....Pages 371-376
Numerical Study of Shock Induced Mixing in a Cylindrical Shell....Pages 377-382
Effect of Shock Mach Number on Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Spherical Geometry....Pages 383-388
Experimental Characterization of Turbulence Produced in a Shock Tube: A Preliminary Work for the Study of the Turbulent Gaseous Mixing Induced by the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability....Pages 389-394
Experiments on the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability with an Imposed, Random Initial Perturbation....Pages 395-400
Front Matter....Pages 401-401
Numerical Discovery and Experimental Validation of Vortex Ring Generation by Microramp Vortex Generator....Pages 403-408
Shock-Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction Control on a Compression Corner Using Mechanical Vortex Generators....Pages 409-415
PIV Investigation of the 3D Instantaneous Flow Organization behind a Micro-ramp in a Supersonic Boundary Layer....Pages 417-423
Flow Topology of Symmetric Crossing Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions....Pages 425-431
Numerical Simulation of Conical and Spherical Shock Interaction: Hysteresis Investigations....Pages 433-438
Transitional Shock-Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction behind a Roughness Element....Pages 439-445
Step Configuration Influence on Structure of Supersonic Reacting Flows in Channels with Sudden Expansion....Pages 447-452
Inviscid-Viscous Interactions of Compressible Convex Corner Flows....Pages 453-458
Effect of a Counterflow Plasma Jet on Aerodynamics Characteristic of a Blunted Cone....Pages 459-464
A Non-linear Eddy-Viscosity View of Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction Flow Simulation....Pages 465-470
Boundary Layer Effects behind Incident and Reflected Shock Waves in a Shock Tube....Pages 471-476
Simulation of a Practical Scramjet Inlet Using Shock-Unsteadiness Model....Pages 477-482
Front Matter....Pages 483-483
Consideration of von Neumann Reflection and Mach Reflection for Strong Shock Waves....Pages 485-491
Study of Shock-Wave Mitigation through Solid Obstacles....Pages 493-498
Guderley Reflection for Higher Mach Numbers in a Standard Shock Tube....Pages 499-505
Wave Processes in Transonic Airfoil Flows....Pages 507-512
Shock Wave Reflection Off Convex Cylindrical Surfaces....Pages 513-518
Aerodynamic Ground Effect for Transonic Projectiles....Pages 519-524
Analytical Theory for Planar Shock Focusing through Perfect Gas Lens: High Compression Designs....Pages 525-530
Nonlinear Analysis of Stability of Plane Shock Waves in Media with Arbitrary Thermodynamic Properties....Pages 531-536
Front Matter....Pages 483-483
Shock and Blast Wave Propagation through a Porous Barrier....Pages 537-542
Supersonic Patches in Steady Irregular Reflection of Weak Shock Waves....Pages 543-548
Shear Layer Evolution in Shock Wave Diffraction....Pages 549-554
Shock Reflection Off Combined Surfaces....Pages 555-560
A Simple Scheme for Calculating Distortion of Compression Wave Propagating through a Tunnel with Slab Tracks....Pages 561-567
Studies on Shock Wave Attenuation in Small Tubes....Pages 569-574
Standing Shock Formation in a Non-reflected Shock Tube....Pages 575-580
Area Change Effects on Shock Wave Propagation....Pages 581-586
Analytical and Numerical Study of Three Shock Configurations with Negative Reflection Angle....Pages 587-592
Shock Detachment from Curved Surfaces....Pages 593-598
Effect of Solution Conductivity on Shock Wave Pressure Generated by Multichannel Electrical Discharge in Water....Pages 599-603
Sonic Line and StandOff Distance on Reentry Capsule Shapes....Pages 605-611
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Bypass Mass Flow Due to Small Gaps in a Transonic Channel Flow....Pages 613-618
Flow behind a Concave Hyperbolic Shock....Pages 619-624
Simulations of Reflected Shock Bifurcation in a Square Channel....Pages 625-630
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Shock Wave Interaction with Rigid Obstacles....Pages 631-636
Computational Study of the Interaction of a Planar Shock Wave with a Cylinder/Sphere: The Reflected Wave Velocity....Pages 637-642
Determination of the Sonic Point in Unsteady Shock Reflections Using Various Techniques Based on Numerical Flowfield Analysis....Pages 643-648
Front Matter....Pages 649-649
Shock Wave in Turbulent Flow Field....Pages 651-655
Vortex Induced Mach Waves in Supersonic Jets....Pages 657-663
Front Matter....Pages 649-649
Post-shock Pressure Modulation through Grid Turbulence....Pages 665-670
Aerodynamic Vibrations Caused by a Vortex Ahead of Hemisphere in Supersonic Flow....Pages 671-676
Numerical Investigation of 2D/3D Blade-Vortex Interactions....Pages 677-682
Complex Conservative Difference Schemes in Modeling of Instabilities and Contact Structures....Pages 683-689
Bluntness Effects in Hypersonic Flow over Slender Cones and Wedges....Pages 691-696
Hypersonic Interaction of a Vortex Wake with a Bow Shock Wave....Pages 697-702
Front Matter....Pages 703-703
Density Field Measurements of a Microexplosion Using BOS....Pages 705-710
High Speed Opening Operation of Diaphragmless Shock Wave Generator....Pages 711-717
Numerical Analysis of Interaction between Moving Shock Wave and Solid Particle Layer....Pages 719-724
Hybrid Finite Element/Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Shock-Induced Particle/Wall Collisions....Pages 725-730
Starting Flow through Planar Wedged Nozzle: Effect of Nozzle Asymmetry....Pages 731-736
Magnetic Configuration Effect on the Interaction between the Weakly Ionized Flow and the Applied Magnetic Field....Pages 737-742
Features of the Impact of a Solar Wind Shock Wave on the Earths Bow Shock in a Strong Interplanetary Magnetic Field....Pages 743-749
Shock WaveBoundary Layer Interaction from Reflecting Detonations....Pages 751-756
Shock Dynamics for Cylindrical/Spherical Converging Shocks in Elastic-Plastic Solids....Pages 757-763
Study of the Stability of Na 0.7 CoO 2 Thermoelectric Materials under Shock Dynamic Loading in a Shock Tube....Pages 765-770
Structure of Shock Waves in Dense Media....Pages 771-776
Structure of the Plume Emitted during Laser Ablation of Materials....Pages 777-782
Laser Driven Burning and Detonation Waves in Silica-Based Optical Fibers....Pages 783-788
3D MHD Description and Animation of the Process of Collision of a Solar Wind Shock with the Earths Bow Shock....Pages 789-795
Front Matter....Pages 703-703
Interaction between Laser Induced Plasma and Boundary Layer over a Flat Plate in Hypersonic Flow....Pages 797-803
Fracture Evaluation Using Shock-Induced Borehole Waves....Pages 805-810
Front Matter....Pages 811-811
Improved Shock Wave-Assisted Bacteria Transformation....Pages 813-818
Light Syringes Based on the Laser Induced Shock Wave....Pages 819-825
Shock Wave Generation through Constructive Wave Amplification....Pages 827-832
Applications of Underwater Shock Wave Research to Therapeutic Device Developments....Pages 833-834
High Repetitive Pulsed Streamer Discharges in Water, Their Induced Shock Waves and Medical Applications....Pages 835-836
Development of Medical and Biological Applications by Shock Waves and Bubbles....Pages 837-838
Focused Tandem Shock Waves in Water and Their Potential Application in Cancer Treatment....Pages 839-845
Front Matter....Pages 847-847
Improvement of Supersonic Aerodynamic Performance Using Repetitive Laser Energy Depositions....Pages 849-854
The Control of Supersonic Flow Past Bodies by Upstream Energy Deposition in Toroidal-Type Regions....Pages 855-860
Experimental Studies on Micro-ramps at Mach 5....Pages 861-866
Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma in Supersonic Flow....Pages 867-872
Two Modes of Shock Interaction with Zone of Pulse Volume Discharges in the Channel....Pages 873-878
Steady Energy Deposition at Mach 5 for Drag Reduction....Pages 879-886
Interaction of a Shock Wave with a Contact Discontinuity for Local Heat Release in a Flow....Pages 887-892
Front Matter....Pages 893-893
Head on Collisions of Compressible Vortex Loops on a Solid Wall Effects of Wall Distance Variation....Pages 895-900
Hypersonic Flow Past Spiked Bodies....Pages 901-907
Analytical Estimation of Microbubble Motion Exposed to Discontinuous Pressure Change....Pages 909-914
Experimental Study on Inactivation of Marine Bacteria Using Electrodischarge Shock Waves....Pages 915-921
Front Matter....Pages 893-893
Numerical Simulation of a Shock-Accelerated Multiphase Fluid Interface....Pages 923-929
Numerical Simulation of Shock Wave Entry and Propagation in a Microchannel....Pages 931-937
Characteristics of Shock Wave Propagating over Particulate Foam....Pages 939-944
TripleShockWave Configurations: Comparison of Different Thermodynamic Models for Diatomic Gases....Pages 945-951
Numerical Study on the Evolution of Shock-Accelerated Interface: Influence of the Interfacial Shape....Pages 953-958
Imploding Conical Shock Waves....Pages 959-964
Experimental Studies on Mixing in Supersonic Ejector....Pages 965-971
On the Evolution of Spherical Gas Interface Accelerated by Planar Shock Wave....Pages 973-978
Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge on the Hypersonic Flow Around a Flat Plate....Pages 979-985
Free-Piston Driver Optimisation for Simulation of High Mach Number Scramjet Flow Conditions....Pages 987-993
Reflection Transition of Converging Cylindrical Shock Wave Segments....Pages 995-1000
Development of Blast-Wave Mediated Vaccine Delivery Device....Pages 1001-1007
Micro-shock Wave Assisted Bacterial Transformation....Pages 1009-1014
Starting Characteristics of Hypersonic Inlets in Shock Tunnel....Pages 1015-1020
2D Phenomena of Shock Wave Propagation along a Non-equilibrium Thermal Zone Formed by Surface Discharge....Pages 1021-1026
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Bow-Shock Instability Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method....Pages 1027-1033
Micro-blast Waves Using Detonation Transmission Tubing....Pages 1035-1040
Supersonic Combustion Flow Visualization at Hypersonic Flow....Pages 1041-1047
Supersonic Combustion Experimental Investigation at T2 Hypersonic Shock Tunnel....Pages 1049-1055
OH Emission Diagnostics Applied to Study Ignition of the Supersonic Combustion....Pages 1057-1062
Front Matter....Pages 893-893
Polygonal Shock Waves: Comparison between Experiments and Geometrical Shock Dynamics....Pages 1063-1068
Radiative Heat Transfer Measurements in a Nonreflected Shock Tube at Low Pressures....Pages 1069-1074
Model Experiment of Munroe Jet Formation Using Gelatin Driven by a Moderate-Speed Impactor....Pages 1075-1080
Benchmarking a New, Open-Source Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) Code for Hypersonic Flows....Pages 1081-1087
Back Matter....Pages -


  • Author: A. Chernishev, N. Petrov, A. Schmidt (auth.), Konstantinos Kontis (eds.)
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2012
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