28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 1

28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 1


The University of Manchester hosted the 28th International Symposium on Shock Waves between 17 and 22 July 2011. The International Symposium on Shock Waves first took place in 1957 in Boston and has since become an internationally acclaimed series of meetings for the wider Shock Wave Community. The ISSW28 focused on the following areas: Blast Waves, Chemically Reacting Flows, Dense Gases and Rarefied Flows, Detonation and Combustion, Diagnostics, Facilities, Flow Visualisation, Hypersonic Flow, Ignition, Impact and Compaction, Multiphase Flow, Nozzle Flow, Numerical Methods, Propulsion, Richtmyer-Meshkov, Shockwave Boundary Layer Interaction, Shock Propagation and Reflection, Shock Vortex Interaction, Shockwave Phenomena and Applications, as well as Medical and Biological Applications. The two Volumes contain the papers presented at the symposium and serve as a reference for the participants of the ISSW 28 and individuals interested in these fields.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Shockwave Beyond....Pages 3-12
Reflection and Diffraction of Shock Waves and Shock-Wave Configurations....Pages 13-19
Shock Induced Chemical Decomposition in Condensed Energetic Materials: Molecular Mechanisms....Pages 21-21
How Does Deflagration Get Detonated in Gases? - Recent Research Progress on DDT -....Pages 23-28
Super-Orbital Re-entry in Australia: Laboratory Measurement, Simulation and Flight Observation....Pages 29-37
Pioneering in Hypersonic Transportation: Long Term Perspectives and Technological Challenges....Pages 39-43
Drag Reduction for Transonic Wings Combining Reduced Wing Sweep with Shock Control....Pages 45-53
Numerical Experiments on Shock-Turbulence Interaction....Pages 55-58
Getting Fundamental Molecular Properties from Shock Tubes....Pages 59-66
Front Matter....Pages 67-67
Numerical Analysis of Weak-Shock Attenuation Resulting from Molecular Vibrational Relaxation....Pages 69-74
Numerical Investigations on Muzzle Flow under Approaching Real Shooting Conditions....Pages 75-80
The Influence of Water Saturation in Soil on Blast Effect....Pages 81-86
Blast Waves from Cylindrical Charges....Pages 87-92
Blast Wave Attenuation by Dry Aqueous Foams....Pages 93-98
High Energy Concentration by Symmetric Shock Focusing....Pages 99-104
A Novel Experimental System for Blast Structure Interaction Research....Pages 105-110
Numerical Investigation of Shock-Wave Load Attenuation by Barriers....Pages 111-116
Front Matter....Pages 117-117
Influence of Electronic Excitation on Transport Properties of Partially Ionized Atomic Gases....Pages 119-124
Shock Tube Investigation of Molecular Oxygen Dissociation at Temperatures of 4000 to 10800 K....Pages 125-130
A Numeric Study of the Effects of Turbulent Flow....Pages 131-137
Front Matter....Pages 117-117
Reactions in H 2 +He+CH 4 in Strong Shock Waves: A Review....Pages 139-144
Thermochemistry Modelling in an Open Space DSMC Code....Pages 145-151
Hugoniot of a Reactive Metal Powder Mixture....Pages 153-158
Prediction of Heatshield Material Performance in an Arcjet....Pages 159-164
Numerical Simulation of Thermal-Chemical Non-equilibrium and Radiating Hypersonic Flow....Pages 165-171
Computations of Radiation of High-Temperature Gases in Shock Layers....Pages 173-178
On the Validity of the Constant Volume Assumption in Shock Tube Experiments....Pages 179-184
Experimental Investigation of Interaction of Shock Heated Test Gases with 7.25 ? m Carbon Fibres in a Shock Tube....Pages 185-190
A Shock-Tube with High-Repetition-Rate Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for the Study of Complex Reaction Systems....Pages 191-196
Front Matter....Pages 197-197
A DSMC-MD Investigation of Wall Effects in a Shock Tube Operating at High Knudsen Numbers....Pages 199-204
Generation of Shock Wave by Temperature Change at Wall....Pages 205-208
Numerical Simulations of Nonequilibrium and Diffusive Effects in Spherical Shock Waves....Pages 209-214
Numerical Study of Hypersonic Rarefied Flows about Leading Edges of Small Bluntness....Pages 215-220
High-Energy Molecular Beam Source Using a Non-diaphragm Type Small Shock Tube....Pages 221-227
Propagating Wave in Binary Gas Mixture from Boundary of Variable Temperature and Velocity....Pages 229-234
Flow Phenomena in Microscale Shock Tubes....Pages 235-239
Front Matter....Pages 241-241
Front Structure of Detonation and the Stability of Detonation....Pages 243-249
Expansion of the Detonation Products of a TATB Based High Explosive: Experimental Characterization by Photon Doppler Velocimetry and High-Speed Digital Shadowgraphy....Pages 251-257
Gas Detonation Simulation in the Channel by Instant Heating of One Its Flat End for the Case of Real Chemical Reaction....Pages 259-264
Interaction of Laser Pulse with Liquid Droplet....Pages 265-271
Front Matter....Pages 241-241
Flame-Acoustic Interaction....Pages 273-279
Effects of Vortical and Entropic Forcing on Detonation Dynamics....Pages 281-286
Initial Temperature Effect on Detonation Initiation of JP-8-Oxygen Mixtures....Pages 287-292
Similarity Solutions for Reactive Shock Hydrodynamics....Pages 293-299
Numerical Simulation on Detonation Formation by Shock/Flame Interaction....Pages 301-306
Experimental Investigation of Rupture Rate on Self-ignition of Pressurized Hydrogen Release....Pages 307-312
Numerical Study of Gas Detonation at the Molecular Kinetic Level....Pages 313-318
Numerical Simulation of Afterburning during Explosions....Pages 319-324
Shock-Flame Interaction and Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Hydrogen/Oxygen Mixtures....Pages 325-330
Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Highly Reactive Combustible Mixtures....Pages 331-336
Hydrogen-Oxygen Flame Acceleration in Channels of Different Widths with No-Slip Walls and the Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition....Pages 337-342
Characterization of Soot Particles Produced from the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels in a Shock-Tube....Pages 343-348
Evolution of Autocorrelation in Detonation Interaction with Homogeneous, Isotropic Turbulence....Pages 349-354
Combined Effects of Vortex Flow and the Shchelkin Spiral Dimensions on Characteristics of Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition....Pages 355-360
Fast Flame Propagation and Ignition Process of DDT in the Boundary Layer of H2/O2 Mixture....Pages 361-365
Effect of Wave Flow Structure on Combustion at High Speeds....Pages 367-372
The Effect Analysis of Flow Jam on Two-Meter Direct-Connection Firebox Model....Pages 373-378
Flame Propagation Out from Wide Chamber into Narrow Channel of Subcritical Diameter and Transition to Detonation....Pages 379-384
Numerical Study of Detonation Wave Propagation in Narrow Channels....Pages 385-390
Detonation Initiation by Moving Borders....Pages 391-396
Front Matter....Pages 241-241
Detonation in Supersonic Flows in Channels with Obstacles....Pages 397-402
Application of Gas Detonation for a Needleless Device Development....Pages 403-407
Stability of Planar ZND Detonation Waves for Three-Step Chain-Branching Kinetics....Pages 409-414
A Theoretical Approach to One-Dimensional Detonation Instability....Pages 415-420
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of CH* and OH* Chemiluminescence in Acetylene Combustion behind Reflected Shock Waves....Pages 421-426
Development of an Ethanol/Air Reduced Mechanism and Its Application to Two-Phase Detonation....Pages 427-432
Simulations of Non-ideal Detonation Wave Propagation and Its Experimental Validation....Pages 433-439
Front Matter....Pages 441-441
Cross-Wavelet Techniques for Estimating Uncertainty in Propagating Shocks and Detonations....Pages 443-450
Multi-species Laser Measurements of n-Butanol Pyrolysis behind Reflected Shock Waves....Pages 451-456
Extended Shock-Tunnel Operation for Aeroballistics Free-Flight Testing....Pages 457-463
Quantitative Visualization of Open-Air Explosions by Using Background-Oriented Schlieren with Natural Background....Pages 465-470
Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Interference Heat Transfer Around a Protuberance on a Flat Plate Subjected to Hypersonic Flow....Pages 471-476
Surface Flow Visualization of a Side-Mounted NACA 0012 Airfoil in a Transonic Ludwieg Tube....Pages 477-482
Measurement of Vibrational/Rotational Temperatures of Nitrogen behind Strong Shock Wave Generated at Hypervelocities Using CARS Method....Pages 483-488
Photoemission Measurements of Soot Temperature at Pyrolysis of Ethylene in the Shock Tube....Pages 489-495
Modern Optical Methods for Determining the Shock Hugoniot of Transparent Solids....Pages 497-502
Radiometric Temperature Analysis of the Hayabusa Spacecraft Re-entry....Pages 503-508
Toluene Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Imaging of Supersonic Flow within a Diverging Duct....Pages 509-514
Front Matter....Pages 515-515
A Second-Generation Aerosol Shock Tube and Its Use in Studying Ignition Delay Times of Large Biodiesel Surrogates....Pages 517-522
Numerical Study of the Shock Tunnel Flow with a Throat Plug....Pages 523-528
Front Matter....Pages 515-515
Propagation Characteristics of the Shock Wave in Small Diameter Tubes at Atmospheric Initial Driven Pressure....Pages 529-534
A New Fast Acting Valve for Diaphragmless Shock Tubes....Pages 535-540
Modeling of a Detonation Driven, Linear Electric Generator Facility....Pages 541-546
Flow Characterization of the T3 Hypersonic Shock Tunnel....Pages 547-553
Demonstration of Some Concepts for Developing Long-Test Duration Shock Tunnels....Pages 555-560
Manually Operated Piston Driven Mini Shock Tube....Pages 561-565
Front Matter....Pages 567-567
Visualizing the Supersonic Flow around a Microvortex Generator....Pages 569-575
Time-Resolved Mach-Zehnder Interferometry of Shock Waves....Pages 577-583
Study of Normal Shock Behavior Near Second Throat....Pages 585-590
Fine Structures of Supersonic Laminar Flow over a Backward Facing Step at Ma =3.0,3.8....Pages 591-597
A Temperature-Cancellation Method for Motion-Capturing PSP System and Its Application to a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel....Pages 599-606
Development of Polymer-Ceramic Pressure-Sensitive Paint and Its Application to Supersonic Flow Field....Pages 607-613
Potential of Localized Flow Heating for Wave Drag Reduction....Pages 615-621
Density Field Reconstructing in the Supersonic Wind Tunnel Using OCT Technology....Pages 623-627
Experimental Exploration of an Underexpanded Supersonic Jet....Pages 629-634
Application of NPLS Technique to Hypersonic Shock-Wave and Boundary Layer Interactions....Pages 635-640
Quantitative Measurement and Reconstruction of 3D Density Field by CGBOS (Colored Grid Background Oriented Schlieren) Technique....Pages 641-646
Application of Two Sections Focusing Schlieren Technique on the Supersonic Combustion Wind Tunnel....Pages 647-652
Quantitative Visualization of High Speed Flow through Optical Tomography....Pages 653-658
Flow Visualization of Discontinuities and Instabilities in Supersonic Flow....Pages 659-665
Front Matter....Pages 667-667
Separation Length Scaling in Hypervelocity Double Cone Air Flows....Pages 669-674
Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Distortions to Hypersonic Boundary Layers....Pages 675-680
On the Stability of Pitching Motion of Reentry Vehicle with the Tilted Toroidal Ballute....Pages 681-686
Numerical Studies of Hypersonic Binary Gas-Mixture Flows Near a Sphere....Pages 687-692
An Investigation of Base Flow of a Circular Cylinder at Hypersonic Speeds....Pages 693-699
On the Numerical Solution Method of the 2D Oswatitsch Equations for Hypersonic Flow....Pages 701-706
Modeling the Complete Operation of a Free-Piston Shock Tunnel for a Low Enthalpy Condition....Pages 707-712
Shock Tube Experiments on Heat Transfer at Generic Re-entry Bodies....Pages 713-719
On the Validation of a Hypersonic Flow Solver Using Measurements of Shock Detachment Distance....Pages 721-726
Surrogate-Based Multi-objective Aerothermodynamic Design Optimization of Hypersonic Spiked Bodies....Pages 727-733
Effect of Gas Injection on Transition in Hypervelocity Boundary Layers....Pages 735-740
Counterflow Injection Studies for Hypersonic Flow Fields....Pages 741-746
Shock Tunnel Noise Measurement with Resonantly Enhanced Focused Schlieren Deflectometry....Pages 747-752
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Shock Oscillations in Hypersonic Vehicles Flowpath....Pages 753-758
Application of Pressure- and Temperature-Sensitive Paint in a Hypersonic Double Ramp Flow....Pages 759-765
Front Matter....Pages 767-767
Laser-Based Ignition of the Preheated Supersonic Hydrogen-Air Flow....Pages 769-775
Measurement of H 2 O 2 Broadening Parameters near 7.8 ? m with a Shock Tube....Pages 777-781
Shock-Wave Induced Ignition of Normal Undecane (n-C 1 1 H 2 4 ) and Comparison to Other High-Molecular-Weight n-Alkanes....Pages 783-788
Surface Chemical Reaction of Laser Ablated Aluminum Sample for Detonation Initiation....Pages 789-794
Front Matter....Pages 795-795
Propagation of Luminous Front at High-Speed Impact into Sand Layers....Pages 797-802
Front Matter....Pages 795-795
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Shock-Wave Impact Failure in Hard and Soft Matter....Pages 803-808
High-Velocity Impact Characteristic of CFRP Composite at Low Temperature....Pages 809-814
Tunguska Impact: How Far Can We Move Up in Our Prediction of the Past?....Pages 815-820
Back Matter....Pages -


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  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2012
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