26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference SBEC 2010, April 30 - May 2, 2010, College Park, Maryland, USA

26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference SBEC 2010, April 30 - May 2, 2010, College Park, Maryland, USA


The 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference was hosted by the Fischell Department of Bioengineering and the A. James Clark School of Engineering from April 30 May 2 2010.. The conference program consisted of 168 oral presentations and 21 poster presentations with approximately 250 registered participants of which about half were students. The sessions were designed along topical lines with student papers mixed in randomly with more senior investigators. There was a Student Competition resulting in several Best Paper and Honorable Mention awards. There were 32 technical sessions occurring in 6-7 parallel sessions. This Proceedings is a subset of the papers submitted to the conference. It includes 147 papers organized in topical areas. Many thanks go out to the paper reviewers who significantly improved the clarity of the submitted papers.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats Caused by Blast-Induced Hyper-Acceleration....Pages 1-4
Early Metabolic and Structural Changes in the Rat Brain Following Trauma in vivo Using MRI....Pages 5-8
Principal Components of Brain Deformation in Response to Skull Acceleration: The Roles of Sliding and Tethering between the Brain and Skull....Pages 9-12
Investigations into Wave Propagation in Soft Tissue....Pages 13-17
Correlating Tissue Response with Anatomical Location of mTBI Using a Human Head Finite Element Model under Simulated Blast Conditions....Pages 18-21
Human Surrogate Head Response to Dynamic Overpressure Loading in Protected and Unprotected Conditions....Pages 22-25
Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: Using a Shock Tube to Recreate a Battlefield Injury in the Laboratory....Pages 26-30
Wave Propagation in the Human Brain and Skull Imaged in vivo by MR Elastography....Pages 31-33
Cavitation as a Possible Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Damage Mechanism....Pages 34-37
Prognostic Ability of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters among Severely Injured Traumatic Brain Injury Patients....Pages 38-41
Hair Cell Regeneration in the Mammalian Ear, Is Gene Therapy the Answer?....Pages 42-44
Magnetoencephalography and Auditory Neural Representations....Pages 45-48
Voice Pitch Processing with Cochlear Implants....Pages 49-52
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Tool for Investigating and Treating Tinnitus....Pages 53-55
A Course Guideline for Biomedical Engineering Modeling and Design for Freshmen....Pages 56-60
Classroom Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System....Pages 61-64
The Basics of Bioengineering Education....Pages 65-66
HealthiManage: An Individualized Prediction Algorithm for Type 2 Diabetes Chronic Disease Control....Pages 67-70
Dynamic Movement and Property Changes in Live Mesangial Cells by Stimuli....Pages 71-73
Cooperative Interactions between Myosin II and Cortexillin I Mediated by Actin Filaments during Cellular Deformation....Pages 74-76
Constitutive Law for Miniaturized Quantitative Microdialysis....Pages 77-80
Non-invasive Estimation of Intracranial Pressure by Means of Retinal Venous Pulsatility....Pages 81-84
Apparatus for Quantitative Slit-Lamp Ocular Fluorometry....Pages 85-88
Changes in Viscoelastic Properties of Latex Condoms Due to Personal Lubricants....Pages 89-91
Towards the Objective Evaluation of Hand Disinfection....Pages 92-96
In vitro Models for Measuring Charge Storage Capacity....Pages 97-100
Discovery of Long-Latency Somatosensory Evoked Potentials as a Marker of Cardiac Arrest Induced Brain Injury....Pages 101-104
In vivo Characterization of Epileptic Tissue with Time-Dependent, Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy....Pages 105-108
Effects of Initial Grasping Forces, Axes, and Directions on Torque Production during Circular Object Manipulation....Pages 109-112
Time Independent Functional Training of Inter-joint Arm Coordination Using the ARMin III Robot....Pages 113-117
Kinematic Analysis in Robot Assisted Femur Fracture Reduction: Fuzzy Logic Approach....Pages 118-121
Compensation for Weak Hip Abductors in Gait Assisted by a Novel Crutch-Like Device....Pages 122-125
Measuring in vivo Effects of Chemotherapy Treatment on Cardiac Capillary Permeability....Pages 126-129
Nanoscale DNA Baskets for the Delivery of siRNA....Pages 130-133
Nanoscale Glutathione Patches Improve Organ Function....Pages 134-137
Nanoscale Carnosine Patches Improve Organ Function....Pages 138-141
Multiple Lumiphore-Bound Nanoparticles for in vivo Quantification of Localized Oxygen Levels....Pages 142-145
Ion-Mobility Characterization of Functionalized and Aggregated Gold Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery....Pages 146-149
Quantitative Mapping of Vascular Geometry for Implant Sites....Pages 150-153
Failure Analysis and Materials Characterization of Hip Implants....Pages 154-157
Nano-Wear-Particulates Elicit a Size and Dose Dependent Response by RAW 264.7 Cells....Pages 158-160
Viscous Behavior of Different Concentrations of Bovine Calf Serum Used to Lubricate the Micro-textured CoCrMo Alloy Material before and after Wear Testing....Pages 161-164
Progressive Wear Damage Analysis on Retrieved UHMWPE Tibial Implants....Pages 165-170
Gum Arabic-Chitosan Composite Biopolymer Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering....Pages 171-174
Modification of Hydrogel Scaffolds for the Modulation of Corneal Epithelial Cell Responses....Pages 175-179
Making of Functional Tissue Engineered Heart Valve....Pages 180-182
Ties That Bind: Evaluation of Collagen I and ? -Chitin....Pages 183-187
Chitosan/Poly ( ? -Caprolactone) Composite Hydrogel for Tissue Engineering Applications....Pages 188-191
Modeling and Control of HIV by Computational Intelligence Techniques....Pages 192-195
Mathematical Modeling of Ebola Virus Dynamics as a Step towards Rational Vaccine Design....Pages 196-200
Respiratory Impedance Values in Adults Are Relatively Insensitive to Mead Model Lung Compliance and Chest Wall Compliance Parameters....Pages 201-203
A Systems Biology Model of Alzheimers Disease Incorporating Spatial-temporal Distribution of Beta Amyloid....Pages 204-208
A Mathematical Model of the Primary T Cell Response with Contraction Governed by Adaptive Regulatory T Cells....Pages 209-212
A Mathematical Model for Microenvironmental Control of Tumor Growth....Pages 213-216
Assessing the Usability of Web-Based Personal Health Records....Pages 217-220
Real Time Monitoring of Extracellular Glutamate Release in Rat Ischemia Model Treated by Nimodipine....Pages 221-223
Targeted Delivery of Doxorubicin by PLGA Nanoparticles Increases Drug Uptake in Cancer Cell Lines....Pages 224-227
Cellular Uptake and Cytotoxicity of a Novel ICG-DOX-PLGA Dual Agent Polymer Nanoparticle Delivery System....Pages 228-231
Electrospray Differential Mobility Analysis (ES-DMA) for Characterization of Heat Induced Antibody Aggregates....Pages 232-235
Mechanisms of Poly(amido amine) Dendrimer Transepithelial Transport and Tight Junction Modulation in Caco-2 Cells....Pages 236-239
Absorbable Coatings: Structure and Drug Elution....Pages 240-242
A Brief Comparison of Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Wavelet and Cycle-by-Cycle Fourier Series Analysis for Reduction of Motional Artifacts from PPG Signals....Pages 243-246
Respiratory Resistance Measurements during Exercise Using the Airflow Perturbation Device....Pages 247-250
Comparison of IOS Parameters to aRIC Respiratory System Model Parameters in Normal and COPD Adults....Pages 251-253
Effect of Waveform Shape and Duration on Defibrillation Threshold in Rabbit Hearts....Pages 254-257
The Measurement and Processing of EEG Signals to Evaluate Fatigue....Pages 258-261
Modeling for the Impact of Anesthesia on Neural Activity in the Auditory System....Pages 262-265
Cortical Excitability Changes after Repetitive Self-regulated vs. Tracking Movements of the Hand....Pages 266-269
What the ENT Wants in the OR: Bioengineering Prospects....Pages 270-273
An in vitro Biomechanical Comparison of Human Dermis to a Silicone Biosimulant Material....Pages 274-277
Telemetric Epilepsy Monitoring and Seizures Aid....Pages 278-281
Spike Detection for Integrated Circuits: Comparative Study....Pages 282-285
Effect of Ambient Humidity on the Electrical Conductance of a Titanium Oxide Coating Being Investigated for Potential Use in Biosensors....Pages 286-288
Brain Computer Interface in Cerebellar Ataxia....Pages 289-292
Effects of Stray Field Distribution Generated by Magnetic Beads on Giant Magnetoresistance Sensor for Biochip Applications....Pages 293-296
Electrostatic Purification of Nucleic Acids for Micro Total Analysis Systems....Pages 297-300
Applicability of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Determining the Concentration of Adenine and S-Adenosyl Homocysteine in a Microfluidic System....Pages 301-304
Integration of Capillary Ring Resonator Biosensor with PDMS Microfluidics for Label-Free Biosensing....Pages 305-308
Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission from Rhodamine- 6G Aggregates for Ratiometric Detection of Ethanol Vapors....Pages 309-312
Formation of Dendritic Silver Substrates by Galvanic Displacement for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy....Pages 313-316
High Specificity Binding of Lectins to Carbohydrate Functionalized Etched Fiber Bragg Grating Optical Sensors....Pages 317-320
Oximetry and Blood Flow in the Retina....Pages 321-324
Monitoring and Controlling Oxygen Levels in Microfluidic Devices....Pages 325-328
An Imaging Pulse Oximeter Based on a Multi-Aperture Camera....Pages 329-331
Fluorescent Microparticles for Sensing Cell Microenvironment Oxygen Levels within 3D Scaffolds....Pages 332-335
Determination of in vivo Blood Oxygen Saturation and Blood Volume Fraction Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy....Pages 336-339
Fredholm Integral Equations in Biophysical Data Analysis....Pages 340-343
High-Resolution Autofluorescence Imaging for Mapping Molecular Processes within the Human Retina....Pages 344-347
Local Histograms for Classifying H&E Stained Tissues....Pages 348-352
Detecting and Classifying Cancers from Image Data Using Optimal Transportation....Pages 353-356
Nanoscale Imaging of Chemical Elements in Biomedicine....Pages 357-360
Sparse Representation and Variational Methods in Retinal Image Processing....Pages 361-364
Optimization and Validation of a Biomechanical Model for Analyzing Running-Specific Prostheses....Pages 365-367
Prehension Synergy: Use of Mechanical Advantage during Multi-finger Torque Production on Mechanically Fixed- and Free-Object....Pages 368-371
Investigating Vortex Ring Propagation Speed Past Prosthetic Heart Valves: Implications for Assessing Valve Performance....Pages 372-375
Transient Heat Transfer in a Dental Prosthesis Implanted in Mandibular Bone....Pages 376-379
Characterization of Material Properties of Aorta from Oscillatory Pressure Tests....Pages 380-384
Quasi-static Analysis of Electric Field Distributions by Disc Electrodes in a Rabbit Eye Model....Pages 385-388
Optimizing the Geometry of Deep Brain Stimulating Electrodes....Pages 389-392
Exploratory Parcellation of fMRI Data Based on Finite Mixture Models and Self-annealing Expectation Maximization....Pages 393-396
Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of the Airflow Perturbation Device....Pages 397-400
Mechanism and Direct Visualization of Electrodeposition of the Polysaccharide Chitosan....Pages 401-403
Chito-Cotton: Chitosan Coated Cotton-Based Scaffold....Pages 404-408
Effects of Temperature on the Performance of Footwear Foams: Review of Developments....Pages 409-413
A Tissue Equivalent Phantom of the Human Torso for in vivo Biocompatible Communications....Pages 414-417
Identification of Bacteria and Sterilization of Crustacean Exoskeleton Used as a Biomaterial....Pages 418-421
Neural Stem Cell Differentiation in 2D and 3D Microenvironments....Pages 422-425
A Microfluidic Platform for Optical Monitoring of Bacterial Biofilms....Pages 426-429
Conduction Properties of Decellularized Nerve Biomaterials....Pages 430-433
Reverse Cholesterol Transport (RCT) Modeling with Integrated Software Configurator....Pages 434-436
Modeling Linear Head Impact and the Effect of Brain-Skull Interface....Pages 437-439
Mechanics of CSF Flow through Trabecular Architecture in the Brain....Pages 440-443
Impact of Mechanical Loading to Normal and Aneurysmal Cerebral Arteries....Pages 444-447
Identification of Material Properties of Human Brain under Large Shear Deformation: Analytical versus Finite Element Approach....Pages 448-451
Mechanisms of Traumatic Rupture of the Aorta: Recent Multi-scale Investigations....Pages 452-455
Head Impact Response: Pressure Analysis Simulation....Pages 456-458
An Introduction to the Next Generation of Radiology in the Web 2.0 World....Pages 459-462
Novel Detection Method for Monitoring of Dental Caries Using Single Digital Subtraction Radiography....Pages 463-465
Targeted Delivery of Molecular Probes for in vivo Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging....Pages 466-469
New Tools for Image-Based Mesh Generation of 3D Imaging Data....Pages 470-472
Characterization of Speed and Accuracy of a Nonrigid Registration Accelerator on Pre- and Intraprocedural Images....Pages 473-476
Assessment of Kidney Structure and Function Using GRIN Lens Based Laparoscope with Optical Coherence Tomography....Pages 477-480
Reliability of Structural Equation Modeling of the Motor Cortex in Resting State Functional MRI....Pages 481-484
Quantitative Characterization of Radiofrequency Ablation Lesions in Tissue Using Optical Coherence Tomography....Pages 485-488
Clinically Relevant Hand Held Two Lead EEG Device....Pages 489-492
A Simple Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Method for 3D Mapping between Head Skin Tattoos and Brain Landmarks....Pages 493-495
Frame Potential Classification Algorithm for Retinal Data....Pages 496-499
Raman-AFM Instrumentation and Characterization of SERS Substrates and Carbon Nanotubes....Pages 500-503
A Novel Model of Skin Electrical Injury....Pages 504-507
Design, Construction, and Evaluation of an Electrical Impedance Myographer....Pages 508-511
The Role of Imaging Tools in Biomedical Research: Preclinical Stent Implant Study....Pages 512-515
Optimization of Screw Positioning in Mandible during Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy Using Finite Element Method....Pages 516-519
Extraction and Characterization of a Soluble Chicken Bone Collagen....Pages 520-523
A Model for Human Postural Regulation....Pages 524-527
Development of an Average Chest Shape for Objective Evaluation of the Aesthetic Outcome in the Nuss Procedure Planning Process....Pages 528-531
Sickle Hemoglobin Fiber Growth Rates Revealed by Optical Pattern Generation....Pages 532-535
Sickle Cell Occlusion in Microchannels....Pages 536-539
Engineering Microfluidics Based Technologies for Rapid Sorting of White Blood Cells....Pages 540-543
Peripheral Arterial Tonometry in Assessing Endothelial Dysfunction in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease....Pages 544-547
Comparison of Shear Stress, Residence Time and Lagrangian Estimates of Hemolysis in Different Ventricular Assist Devices....Pages 548-551
Drug Resistance always Depends on the Turnover Rate....Pages 552-555
Design and Ex Vivo Evaluation of a 3D High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System for Tumor Treatment with Tissue Ablation....Pages 556-559
Clinical Applications of Multispectral Imaging Flow Cytometry....Pages 560-563
Multispectral Imaging, Image Analysis, and Pathology....Pages 564-567
Sensitive Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells for Improving Therapy Selection....Pages 568-571
Nanohole Array Sensor Technology: Multiplexed Label-Free Protein Binding Assays....Pages 572-575
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