A 25-Year Perspective on Logic Programming: Achievements of the Italian Association for Logic Programming, GULP

A 25-Year Perspective on Logic Programming: Achievements of the Italian Association for Logic Programming, GULP


This book celebratesthe 25th anniversaryof GULPthe Italian Associationfor LogicProgramming.Authored by Italian researchersat the leading edge of their ?elds, it presents an up-to-date survey of a broad collection of topics in logic programming, making it a useful reference for both researchers and students. During its 25-year existence, GULP has organised a wide range of national and international activities, including both conferences and summer schools. It has been especially active in supporting and encouraging young researchers, by providing scholarships for GULP events and awarding distinguished disser- tions. WeintheinternationallogicprogrammingcommunitylookuponGULPwith a combination of envy, admiration and gratitude. We are pleased to attend its conferences and summer schools, where we can learn about scienti?c advances, catch up with old friends and meet young students. It is an honour for me to acknowledge our appreciation to GULP for its outstanding contributions to our ?eld and to express our best wishes for its continuing prosperity in the future. March 2010 Robert Kowalski Imperial College London Preface On June 18, 1985, a group of pioneering researchers, including representatives from industry, national research labs, and academia, attended the constituent assembly of the Group of researchers and Users of Logic Programming (GULP) association. That was the starting point of a long adventure in science, that 1 we are still experiencing 25 years later. This volume celebrates this important event.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages -
Logic Programming in Italy: A Historical Perspective....Pages 1-14
Theoretical Foundations and Semantics of Logic Programming....Pages 15-36
Theory-Specific Automated Reasoning....Pages 37-63
Constraint Logic Programming....Pages 64-86
Knowledge Representation and Non-monotonic Reasoning....Pages 87-111
The Transformational Approach to Program Development....Pages 112-135
Static Analysis, Abstract Interpretation and Verification in (Constraint Logic) Programming....Pages 136-158
Answer Set Programming....Pages 159-182
Logic Programming Languages for Databases and the Web....Pages 183-203
Agents, Multi-Agent Systems and Declarative Programming: What, When, Where, Why, Who, How?....Pages 204-230
Concurrent and Reactive Constraint Programming....Pages 231-253
Proof-Theoretic and Higher-Order Extensions of Logic Programming....Pages 254-270
Transformation and Debugging of Functional Logic Programs....Pages 271-299
25 Years of Applications of Logic Programming in Italy....Pages 300-328
Back Matter....Pages -


  • Author: Gianfranco Rossi (auth.), Agostino Dovier, Enrico Pontelli (eds.)
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
  • ISBN-10: 3642143083
  • ISBN-13: 9783642143083
  • Pages: 341
  • Format: pdf
  • Size: 2.9M
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