2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Management Science(ICITMS 2012) Proceedings

2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Management Science(ICITMS 2012) Proceedings


The main objective of the ICITMS 2012 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics and industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Information Technology and Management Science. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xvi
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Research on Chinas Portal Websites Competition Based on Social Network Methods....Pages 3-7
Synergy Field and Its Application in Economic Space of Electronic Commerce....Pages 9-19
Study of Micro-Blog by Self-Efficacy-Based Value Adoption Model....Pages 21-29
Consumer Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty in C2C Electronic Commerce....Pages 31-40
Design of Digital Campus Based on WebGIS....Pages 41-46
Front Matter....Pages 47-47
Scientific Research Input-Output Efficiency Evaluation System for Chinese Universities....Pages 49-54
Applications of Data Mining in the Enterprise Customer Relationship Management....Pages 55-60
Study on Agile Supply Chain....Pages 61-65
Safety Management of Oil Depot Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process....Pages 67-72
Non-lane-Based Macro Model of Traffic Flow with the Consideration of the Lateral Effects of the Lane Width....Pages 73-80
Improvement of Information Transmission Quality of Digital Libraries....Pages 81-87
Design and Implement of Enterprise Knowledge Management System....Pages 89-100
The Research and Application of City Emergency System for Medium and Small Cities....Pages 101-107
An Intelligent Recommendation System for TV Programme....Pages 109-118
The Research of Digital Resource Technique in Libraries....Pages 119-124
Study on Model of E-Government Public Satisfaction Based on Service-Oriented....Pages 125-135
Numerical Simulation for EMU Air-Conditioner Vent System and the Flow Inside the Carriage....Pages 137-145
The Study of Scientific Development of Chinas Foreign Trade from the Perspective of Dependence on Foreign Trade....Pages 147-157
The Design of University Library Expert Advice Platform....Pages 159-166
Research on Charge Administration System of Machine-Room Based on Network....Pages 167-174
Front Matter....Pages 47-47
Research on Informatizational Platform of Tourism in Three Gorges Reservoir Based on Web....Pages 175-182
Front Matter....Pages 183-183
A Study of Model for Optimizing Supply Chain Inventory with Controllable Lead Time....Pages 185-190
Human Resources Management Based on the Teachers Empowering....Pages 191-199
The Evaluation Based Study on the Innovation Strategy of Electric Vehicles....Pages 201-206
Construction of the Prediction Model of University Library Lending....Pages 207-216
Unmanned Mountain Station Supervising System Based on C Language....Pages 217-223
Comprehensive Practice Research of Professional Platform Courses Based on Computer Monitor Technologies....Pages 225-233
Situation and Problems of Chinese College E-learning Resource Development....Pages 235-244
Accurate Train Stopping by Model Following Sliding Mode Control....Pages 245-254
Building Occupant Evacuation Models Inside Buildings Approach, Progress and Solutions....Pages 255-264
The Research of Data Quality Problems in Power Enterprise Data Integration....Pages 265-275
Study on Classified Teaching Model of Computer Common Course in Finance and Economics Colleges....Pages 277-284
Strategic Human Resource Management, Enterprise Competence and Competitive Advantage A System Dynamics Model....Pages 285-293
A Neural Network Model on the Forecasting of Inventory Risk Management of Spare Parts....Pages 295-302
Improved Spam Filtering Algorithm Based on AIS....Pages 303-309
Network Monitoring Model Extension or Reduction of The Mathematical Algorithms....Pages 311-323
A Novel Parallel Hardware Methodology for Solving Linear System of Equations....Pages 325-335
The Study of the Application of Virtual Reality Technology on the Campus Network Management....Pages 337-343
Learning Behavior Tracing in Online Course Based on SCORM Standard....Pages 345-351
The Application of Information Technology in the Logistics....Pages 353-361
Front Matter....Pages 183-183
Study on the Application of MAC-Based VLAN and Multi-domain Authentication in the Campus Network Management....Pages 363-371
An Empirical Study on Performance Evaluation of Construction Project Manager....Pages 373-382
The Design of Ontology-Based Intelligent Answering System Model in Network Education....Pages 383-390
Applications Based on the Principal Component Analysis of Informatization Evaluation Model in University Informatization Evaluation....Pages 391-398
An Application of Classification Models in Credit Risk Analysis....Pages 399-404
Exploration of the Examination Reform in Advanced Language Program Design Course....Pages 405-410
A Recommendation Method in E-Commerce Based on Product Taxonomy Graph....Pages 411-422
From Network Cultural Adaptability Perspective to See Web-Based Learning....Pages 423-430
A Survey of Computer Network Management Technology....Pages 431-436
The Internal Control of Computerized Accounting in Information Era....Pages 437-442
Study of Personalized Service About WAP Based on Recursive Learning....Pages 443-449
An Efficient Design of Publication and Subscription Model Based on WSN....Pages 451-458
Front Matter....Pages 459-459
On the Study of Information and Ultra-Wide Band RADAR Based Information Retrieval....Pages 461-466
The Algorithm of Data Preprocessing in Web Log Mining Based on Cloud Computing....Pages 467-474
A Simple Attempt to See if Artificial Intelligence Tool Is Helpful in Long Term Earthquake Prediction....Pages 475-480
E-Learning Through Cloud Computing: Shaping the Future of Learning for Learner of Tomorrow....Pages 481-486
The Research on Image Extraction and Segmentation Algorithm in License Plate Recognition....Pages 487-494
Analysis and Applications of Campus Network Flow Control....Pages 495-500
A Knowledge Base System Model for Dam Safety Monitoring....Pages 501-507
A TPM-Based Protection Mechanism for Remote Attestation Evidence....Pages 509-520
Front Matter....Pages 459-459
Iterative Algorithm for a Family Multivalued Mapping in Banach Spaces....Pages 521-526
Weak-Linked Document in Search Engine....Pages 527-533
Concurrent-Secure Blind Signature Scheme Without Random Oracles....Pages 535-544
Information Retrieval in University Students Self-Regulated Learning....Pages 545-552
Tracing Data Provenance Based on Inverse Mechanism in ETL....Pages 553-561
Phase Unwrapping for Large Discontinuous Surface Based on Color Fringe Projection....Pages 563-574
An Adaptive Algorithm for Image Denoising Based on Wavelet Transform....Pages 575-587
Video Watermarking in H.264/AVC Compressed Domain Using CAVLC Mapping....Pages 589-597
A Novel Replica Placement Strategy for Data Center Network....Pages 599-609
Hybrid Communication Method for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks....Pages 611-620
The Study and Application of Trinity System Based on Multi-living Agent Method....Pages 621-627
Improved Video Object Segmentation Method Based on Background Registration....Pages 629-639
Construction and Study of Finite Element Model of Thoracolumbar Spine Based on CT Images....Pages 641-647
MLB-Wrapper: Distributed High Scalable BP-Wrapper....Pages 649-660
The Hardening Characteristic Spectrum Analysis of Vascular Wall Elasticity Noninvasive Dynamic Information....Pages 661-670
Robust Localization Based on Measurement Reliability....Pages 671-680
Log Mining of Virtual Host Website Based on Association Rule....Pages 681-686
A Dynamics Model on Support System for Spare Parts....Pages 687-696
Study on High Sensitivity GPS Signal Acquisition Techniques Indoor Positioning....Pages 697-703
Research on Ontologies for Archives Knowledge Management....Pages 705-711
Front Matter....Pages 459-459
Dynamic Analysis of Terrorism Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques: A Case Study....Pages 713-723
Optimization Used in the Collision Problems and Their Application....Pages 725-729
A Kind of Research on Gray Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Chaos....Pages 731-740
Mobile Communications LTE FDD System of Performance Index and Key Technology....Pages 741-749
Exchanging Data in Heterogeneous Relational Databases via XML Documents....Pages 751-759
A Study on the Defining Model and Packaging Method of Legacy Systems Based on the Survey and Design Integration Platform....Pages 761-769
The Research of Tank Control System Based on AT89S52....Pages 771-777
Study on Human-Simulated Intelligence Controller ofBased on SCM the Boiler....Pages 779-785
Based on the Control of P2P Networks Data Transmission and the Model of Data Sharing Research....Pages 787-792
Design and Implementation of the Anti-spam System Based on AIS....Pages 793-798
A Study of Design Technique of Dynamic Data Report in PowerBuilder11.5....Pages 799-804
Research on Network Integration of BACnet and 6LoWPAN....Pages 805-812
Discrete Core/Periphery Structure Characters of C2 Organizations Analysis Based on SNA....Pages 813-821
System Architecture and Application of Wireless Sensor Network....Pages 823-829
The Design and Implementation of Efficient SMS Query Software Based on Android....Pages 831-837
Construction and Management of Virtual Experiment System....Pages 839-846


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