The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Management System Innovation

The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Management System Innovation


The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is sponsored by the Chinese Industrial Engineering Institution, CMES, which is the only national-level academic society for Industrial Engineering. The conference is held annually as the major event in this arena. Being the largest and the most authoritative international academic conference held in China, it provides an academic platform for experts and entrepreneurs in the areas of international industrial engineering and management to exchange their research findings. Many experts in various fields from China and around the world gather together at the conference to review, exchange, summarize and promote their achievements in the fields of industrial engineering and engineering management. For example, some experts pay special attention to the current state of the application of related techniques in China as well as their future prospects, such as green product design, quality control and management, supply chain and logistics management to address the need for, amongst other things low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction. They also offer opinions on the outlook for the development of related techniques. The proceedings offers impressive methods and concrete applications for experts from colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises who are engaged in theoretical research into industrial engineering and engineering management and its applications. As all the papers are of great value from both an academic and a practical point of view, they also provide research data for international scholars who are investigating Chinese style enterprises and engineering management.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xxii
Research on Self-Organization Evolution Mechanism of Knowledge Capital in High-Tech Virtual Industry Cluster....Pages 1-7
A Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Method for Partner Selection of Cooperation Innovation Alliance....Pages 9-17
A Priority Analysis Algorithm for Technology Innovation Risks of Research Solutions for Complex Project....Pages 19-24
A Study on Assessment of Human Nature Needs in Human Resource Management....Pages 25-30
An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Enterprises Cooperation and Innovation Risks in Western Minority Regions of China: Based on a Sample of 100 Enterprises in Minority Autonomous Areas of Gansu Province....Pages 31-39
An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Household Consumption on Economic Growth in Hubei Province....Pages 41-51
Analysis of Competency Elements Based on Grey Cluster....Pages 53-59
Analysis on the Technological Innovation Mechanism of Regional Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cluster....Pages 61-71
Analyzing International Scientific Collaboration in Materials Science Through Co-authorship....Pages 73-83
Assessment Study of Power Enterprise Soft Power Based on Fuzzy-ANP....Pages 85-90
Competency Evaluation Engineering of R&D Personnel based on Rough Set....Pages 91-98
Demonstration Analysis on Effectiveness of Coal Resource Integration in Shanxi Province....Pages 99-106
Empirical Analysis About the Promotion Effect of Financial Intermediation on Science & Technological Innovation....Pages 107-114
Gas Expansion and Development of Compressed and Cryogenic Technology Support....Pages 115-121
Industry Technology Road-Mapping Research Based on XRWS System Approach....Pages 123-130
Institutional Development and Controlling Shareholders Expropriation: Evidence from China....Pages 131-140
Inward FDIs Impact on the Environment and the Countermeasures in Jiangsu....Pages 141-149
IT-Enabled Enterprise Agility Based on Process Flexibility and Knowledge Sharing....Pages 151-160
Modeling and Simulation of the Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer Impact Factors in Industrial Clusters....Pages 161-171
O ptimal Subsidy for Abatement R&D in Different Organizations with Emissions Tax....Pages 173-180
Performance of the Product Innovation Team and Organizational Structure Characteristics from the Perspective of Cross-Level Research....Pages 181-190
Research on Enterprises Innovation Performance in University-Industry-Government Networks Based on Absorptive Capacity....Pages 191-203
Research on Problem and Strategy for Chinese Engineering Practice Education....Pages 205-212
Research on Restraining Obstacles of Technical Knowledge Diffusing and Sharing in High-Tech Enterprises: Based on Analyzing Level Variables and Rate Variables Fundamental In-Tree Modeling of System Dynamics....Pages 213-223
Research on the Effect of Knowledge Search on Product Innovation....Pages 225-234
Research on the Performance Evaluation of Enterprise Knowledge Management Within Clusters Based on BSC....Pages 235-243
Research on the Relationship Between the Energy Resource Endowment and Industrial Structure Based on PVAR Model....Pages 245-257
Strategic Choices of Development of China International Education in the Early Twenty-First Century....Pages 259-269
Supervisory Game Between Sci-Tech Bank and VC Firm....Pages 271-279
Technical Innovations and DemandSupply Models of the Taiwanese Tea Industry After Joining WTO....Pages 281-291
Technological Leapfrogging Ability Study and Policy Suggestion for Strategic New Industries....Pages 293-301
Technology Imports, R&D Investment and Technical Efficiency of Chinese High-Tech Industry....Pages 303-308
The Contribution of VTE to Labor Force Transfer in Rural Area of China....Pages 309-315
The Design of Master of Engineerings Dynamic Training Mode and Management Informatization System....Pages 317-326
The Incentive Model of People-Oriented Innovative Organization: Based on Dills Comprehensive Incentive Theory....Pages 327-334
The Option-Pricing Model of Wind Power Investment Projects Included Value-Leaking Losses....Pages 335-342
The Research of Key Factors in Higher Agricultural Education Resource Management....Pages 343-351
The Research on Expansibility of IE Tradition to Social Sciences....Pages 353-359
The Research on Knowledge Spillover of Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Innovation Network....Pages 361-371
Review of Culture Industry Agglomeration on the Influencing Factors, Characteristics and Empirical Researches....Pages 373-383
The Recognition and Optimization of the Critical Chain....Pages 385-391
Using the Network Link Data to Analyze the Status of Cloud Computing....Pages 393-402
XBRL and Corporate Governance....Pages 403-412
Independent Innovation and Equity Finance: Empirical Analysis on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises....Pages 413-421
A Explanatory Model of Public Acceptance for Nuclear Power Technology: From Low-Carbon Perspective....Pages 423-431
Study on the Innovative Characteristics of Systematic Evolution of Creative Industrial District....Pages 433-439
Coordinated Development of Independent Innovation and Transformation of Economic Mode....Pages 441-447
Exploration and Practice on Innovative Education of Sino-Australian Cooperation....Pages 449-456
Path Choice of Constructing a Scientific and Technological Innovation System in Universities....Pages 457-465
Large-Scale Collaboration Network Structure and Firm Innovation: An Empirical Research....Pages 467-474
The Operation Mechanism of Open Innovation Community Network: A System Dynamics Model....Pages 475-485
The Different Impact of Innovative Human Capital and R&D Subsidy on the Technological Progress: An Empirical Study Based on Zhejiang....Pages 487-493
An Incentive Mechanism for Knowledge Sharing in Research Team....Pages 495-505
Knowledge Structure Research on Achievement Transformation in Scientific and Technical Research Talented Person....Pages 507-514
An Analysis of Employee Turnover Based on Behavioral Economics....Pages 515-522
Empirical Research on the Influence Factors of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity of High-Tech SME....Pages 523-531
Enterprises Social Capital and the Economic Performance of Local Government Funded Science and Technology Projects: An Empirical Research....Pages 533-543
Status and Prospect on Converging Technology: Technology Management Perspective....Pages 545-552
A Model of Product Development Team Knowledge Creation from a Behavioral Perspective....Pages 553-559
Influencing Factor Analysis of College Students Learning Interest in Specialized Courses by Rough Set Theory....Pages 561-568
Reflections on the Team-Building of High-Level Talent in Shandong Characteristic Industry Town....Pages 569-581
Study on the Model of Coal Industry Cycle Economic Development and Evaluation System....Pages 583-590
Analysis of Technological Innovation Capability of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the Early Days of the Development Drive of Western China....Pages 591-600
Analysis on the System Dynamics for Formation Mechanism of Independent Innovation Capability in Large-Scale Projects....Pages 601-609
The Preliminary Research of Stock Option Incentive and Good Power Price to Senior Executives of the Listed Companies in China....Pages 611-621
A Review on User Innovation Virtual Community and Suggestions for Future Research....Pages 623-630
Research on the Popularization and Application of the TRIZ Theory in Shanxi Province....Pages 631-640
Study on the Performance Indicator Weights of Higher Agricultural Education Resources Anagement Based on the Triangular Fuzzy Function....Pages 641-649
Research on Sustainable Develop of Chinese Family Enterprise Based on Independent Innovation Ability....Pages 651-658
Organizational Advantage, Social Capital and Organizational Learning....Pages 659-666
Inbound and Outbound Open Innovation in Clusters....Pages 667-676
Knowledge Supply Chain and Enterprise Innovation Capacity....Pages 677-685
Absorptive Capacity and Enterprise Modular ReconstructionPerspectives Based on Open Innovation....Pages 687-693
Research on the Reverse Knowledge Transfer Mechanism Through the Overseas M&A of Chinas Companies: Based on the BSC Ideology....Pages 695-702
The Application of MBTI Theory in Hiring Sales Staffs....Pages 703-709
The Effect of Innovation Environment on the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China....Pages 711-720
A Study on Cluster Brand Growth Based on Five Forces....Pages 721-732
Reflections on the Team-Building of Science and Technology Innovative Talent in Shandong Characteristic Industry Town....Pages 733-742
Review on Affective Commitment of Manager....Pages 743-752
Innovations of Human Resource Management in New Knowledge Economy Times....Pages 753-759
Who is the Best Connected Researcher? An Analysis of Co-Authorship Networks of Knowledge Management from 2000 to 2010....Pages 761-770
Study on the Standardization of Knowledge Management Facing the Open Innovation....Pages 771-781
Study of Knowledge Diffusion FSAI Model for High-Tech SMES Clusters....Pages 783-794
Research on the Difficulties and Development Strategy for the Construction of Innovative Enterprises....Pages 795-805
Construction of Organization Coordination Network of Major Scientific and Technological Projects....Pages 807-816
Research on Factors Composition Model of Independent Innovation Capability for High-Tech Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis....Pages 817-827
Research on Data Filtering Technology Based on the RFID Middleware in the Internet of Things....Pages 829-835
The Application of Panel Data Mining Based on Gene Schema in Predicting Finance Distress....Pages 837-844
Capacity Planning with Cooperative Resources....Pages 845-854
A Study of the Application Scope of Valuation Principles of Project Variation....Pages 855-861
Study on Process Reengineering of Coal Mine Ventilation Area....Pages 863-871
Study on the Estimation of Coal Washing and Processing Charges....Pages 873-883
College Moral Education Decision System Designing Based on Web Mining....Pages 885-891
KPI-Based Private Enterprise Staff Performance Index Design....Pages 893-901
Measuring the Sharing Effect of Tacit Knowledge Based on Structural Holes Theory: Case Study on a Military Enterprise....Pages 903-912
Research on Countermeasures of Henan Province Agricultural Products Quality Standard System in the Past Five Years....Pages 913-921
Research on the Effect of Leader Evaluation on the Employee Knowledge Sharing: The Moderating Effect of Process Oriented....Pages 923-931
Analysis on Pricing of Vegetables in Supermarkets Based on Consumer Surplus....Pages 933-938
CAVE Based Visual System Design and Implementation in Marine Engine Room Simulation....Pages 939-948
Countermeasure Research on Strengthening the Tax Administration of Network Trade....Pages 949-958
Developing a New Foot Shape and Size System for Taiwanese Females....Pages 959-968
Exploring User Experience Measurement of Location-Based Service Applications....Pages 969-978
In Virtual Community: Fostering the Members Participation....Pages 979-989
Model Research of Multi-Objective and Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem....Pages 991-1001
On Pareto Optimal Criterion for Long-Term Economic Growth....Pages 1003-1008
Political Connection of State-Owned Enterprises: An Analysis Based on the Listed Companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets....Pages 1009-1018
Power Balance of Equity and Corporate Performance....Pages 1019-1024
Research on Current Situation Analysis and Solving Strategies of Large Inflows and Large Outflows of Telecom Customers....Pages 1025-1033
Research on Risk Assessment of the Equipment Maintenance Contractor Support....Pages 1035-1045
Research on the Informatization Mode of Solid Waste Outsourcing in the Eco-Industrial Park....Pages 1047-1053
Research on the Selection of Project Management Mode for Non-Business Urban Infrastructure Construction....Pages 1055-1063
Study on the Dynamic Game Problem of Indemnificatory Apartment Construction Based on System Dynamics....Pages 1065-1076
The Design and Implementation of Petrochemical Enterprises Safety Management Informatization System Based on WEB....Pages 1077-1085
The Relationship Studies of Commercial Banks Customer Service Systems Customer Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty....Pages 1087-1094
Time Series Data Modeling and Application....Pages 1095-1101
Trilateral Game-Based Research on Low-Carbon Logistics Development Mode....Pages 1103-1110
Reform and Innovation of Development of Enterprise Electronic Commerce in Management....Pages 1111-1119
The Effect of Brand Image on Online Service Failure: Basing on Mainland China Online Retailing....Pages 1121-1129
The Study of Knowledge Management in Chinese Enterprises Overseas M&As....Pages 1131-1141
The Study on Innovative Talents Training Model Based on the Tacit Knowledge....Pages 1143-1147
Sports Marketing is a Weapon to Strengthen the Brand Value for Modern Enterprise....Pages 1149-1157
A Solution Procedure for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Three-Dimensional Loading Constraints in Online Supermarket Delivery....Pages 1159-1166
A TOPSIS Method Based on Triangle Fuzzy Number for Trust Evaluation in E-Commerce System....Pages 1167-1174
Cold-Start Collaborative Filtering Based on User Registration Process....Pages 1175-1186
Design and Implementation of Distribution Management System Based on the Ceramics E-Business Platform....Pages 1187-1194
The Impacts of Virtual Communitys Online Word-of-Mouth on Consumers Intention....Pages 1195-1200
A Study on the Adoption Factors of Cell Phone Video Call Technology....Pages 1201-1211
The Research on Scheduling Model of Online Service in Electronic Commerce: Perspective of the Service Profit Chain....Pages 1213-1223
A Study of the Network Externality Effects on the Online Group Buying....Pages 1225-1236
Data Mining Techniques Applied in the Financial Industry....Pages 1237-1243
Evaluation of Hospital Competitiveness in Jiangxi Province Based on the Cluster Analysis....Pages 1245-1250
Study on BPR of Small to Medium Enterprise Based on E-Commerce....Pages 1251-1258
Research on Relationship Between Academic Achievement and Efficiency Consciousness of IE Students Based on SPSS....Pages 1259-1267
Application Research of Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm....Pages 1269-1280
College Admission Mode of Multiple Choices Based on Internet....Pages 1281-1291
Application of Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Method to Supplier Selection Under E-Business....Pages 1293-1299
Magazine Design Based on the Characteristics of Image Transmission in the Information Era....Pages 1301-1308
Research on Application Integration Solutions of Enterprise Information System Based on Web Services....Pages 1309-1317
The Design and Application of the Framework of Coal Mine Comprehensive Information System Based on 3DGIS....Pages 1319-1328
Analysis of Problems on Network Education Resources Construction....Pages 1329-1336
Discussions on the Curriculum Integration of Architectural Technology and Design....Pages 1337-1343
Teaching Practice for Resource-Based Collaborative Learning in Information Technology Environment....Pages 1345-1352
Dimension of Information Attainment of Senior Manager Under the Background of Fusion of Informatization and Industrialization....Pages 1353-1361
A Study of the Upgrading Paths of Industrial Clusters from the Global Value Chains Perspective....Pages 1363-1371
Analysis on the Effect of the National Essential Medicine System in Rural Township Health Clinics: Based on the Survey Data from Rugao City in Jiangsu Province....Pages 1373-1379
Cloud Platform Framework of Lifetime Cycle Assessment for Engineering Materials....Pages 1381-1389
Decisive Factors Influencing Establishment of Long-Term Mechanism of College-Enterprise Cooperation and Corresponding Counter-Measures....Pages 1391-1401
The Regional Emerging Strategic Marine Industries Evaluation: A Case of Tianjin Binhai New Area....Pages 1403-1408
Study on the Relationship Between Familiness and Performace of Family Business....Pages 1409-1415
Advisers Troop Construction in Working-Practice in Collaboration Education Between Universities and Enterprises....Pages 1417-1423
Study on Using PublicPrivate Partnerships to Develop Management and Recycling of Demolition Waste....Pages 1425-1434
Research and Exploration of International Industrial Engineering-Oriented Talents Cultivation Mode....Pages 1435-1441
An Empirical Study on the Relationships Between Entrepreneur and SMEs Vitality....Pages 1443-1451
PublicPrivate Partnership: The New Phenomenon....Pages 1453-1461
Efficiency Evaluation of Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration: A Case Study of Suzhou....Pages 1463-1470
Research on Benefit Distribution Model of Industry Technology Alliance....Pages 1471-1478
Industry Standard Modular Innovation Trap: Causes and Avoiding Strategies....Pages 1479-1485
Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Industrial Innovation: An Empirical Research on the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China....Pages 1487-1496
Over-Education, Knowledge Unemployment and Economic Growth....Pages 1497-1505
The Advantage of Using the Electric Vehicles....Pages 1507-1517
Multi-Objective Production Planning Considering Partner Selection for Networked Manufacturing....Pages 1519-1527
Employee Assistance Program: A New Means of China Enterprise Management of Innovation....Pages 1529-1536
The Development Countermeasures Research of Chinas High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry....Pages 1537-1545
Service-Oriented Manufacturing and the Servicizing Transformation of Chinese Manufacturing Industry....Pages 1547-1556
The Upgrading Resistance and Countermeasures of Chinese Manufacturing Industry Foundry Mode....Pages 1557-1566
Analysis on Innovative Factors of Influencing Medium and Small Sized Enterprises for Mining Equipment Manufactures....Pages 1567-1579
Resolving Complex Management Problems on the Basis of TOC Thinking Process and TRIZ Innovation....Pages 1581-1588
Geographical Distribution of FDI-Based Innovation Activities in China: The Innovation Issues....Pages 1589-1595
Innovative Roles of Brand Community Members: A Typology Based on Cluster Analysis....Pages 1597-1606
Organizational Innovative Climate, Innovative Behavior and the Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: The Case of Creative Talents....Pages 1607-1616
Research on Collaborative Innovation Mechanism of SMEs....Pages 1617-1623
Research on the Relationship Between Enterprise Innovation and the Formation of Core Competitiveness....Pages 1625-1632
An Application of Patent Strategy in Medium-Small Enterprises Product Innovation Process....Pages 1633-1640
The Empirical Study on Influencing Mechanism of Firms Entrepreneurial Behavior in Manufacturing Clusters....Pages 1641-1648
The Research on Enterprises Organizational Innovation Path Factors Impact on the Organizational Innovation Decision-Making....Pages 1649-1656
Theoretical Perspective in Innovation Management Implementation: A Literature Review....Pages 1657-1666


  • Author: Chang-yuan Gao, Xiao-yan He (auth.), Ershi Qi, Jiang Shen, Runliang Dou (eds.)
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2013
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