The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Engineering Management

The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management: Engineering Management


The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is sponsored by the Chinese Industrial Engineering Institution, CMES, which is the only national-level academic society for Industrial Engineering. The conference is held annually as the major event in this arena. Being the largest and the most authoritative international academic conference held in China, it provides an academic platform for experts and entrepreneurs in the areas of international industrial engineering and management to exchange their research findings. Many experts in various fields from China and around the world gather together at the conference to review, exchange, summarize and promote their achievements in the fields of industrial engineering and engineering management. For example, some experts pay special attention to the current state of the application of related techniques in China as well as their future prospects, such as green product design, quality control and management, supply chain and logistics management to address the need for, amongst other things low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction. They also offer opinions on the outlook for the development of related techniques. The proceedings offers impressive methods and concrete applications for experts from colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises who are engaged in theoretical research into industrial engineering and engineering management and its applications. As all the papers are of great value from both an academic and a practical point of view, they also provide research data for international scholars who are investigating Chinese style enterprises and engineering management.

Table of contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xx
A New Estimation Method of the Probability of Informed Trading....Pages 1-10
A Study on Coordination Relationship of Construction Industry and Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province....Pages 11-19
A Study on Individual Value Measurement Method for Naval Vessels Equipment Human....Pages 21-28
Analysis About Relationship Between Infrastructures Invests in Three Industry Departments and Economic Growth in Hubei Province....Pages 29-39
Application Analysis of Activity-Based Costing in Logistics Cost Management: In Comparison with Traditional Costing....Pages 41-49
Building Energy Consumption in the Universities of China: Situation and Countermeasures....Pages 51-59
Empirical Analysis of Correlation Between Coal Enterprises and Electric Power Enterprises Based on Logistic Regression....Pages 61-69
Empirical Analysis of Economic Value Influence Factors of Spectrum....Pages 71-78
An Empirical Study on Irrational Bubbles of Ordinary Residential Market in China....Pages 79-86
Estimating the Hidden Costs of Operating Room with Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing....Pages 87-94
Identification of the Important Influence Factors of the Low Carbon Building Based on Rough Set....Pages 95-104
Pareto-Optimal Proportion Structure Criterion of Income Distribution....Pages 105-111
Research on Cost Management in Foundry Enterprises Based on ERP....Pages 113-121
Research on Sales Channels Costs of Iron and Steel Enterprises....Pages 123-130
Research on the Management Fee Claims in Accordance with the Bill of Quantities Valuation Mode in China....Pages 131-139
Research on the Optimal Supervision Level of Government in Highway Under PPP Model....Pages 141-149
Research on the Risk Allocation Efficiency of Agent Construction of Government Investment Projects....Pages 151-158
An Improved NSGA-II Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Discrete TimeCost Tradeoff Problem....Pages 159-166
Application Research on the Artificial Neural Network in the Building Materials Price Prediction....Pages 167-175
Study on the Application of Activity Based Costing in Packaging and Printing Enterprise....Pages 177-185
The Dynamic Progress of the Project Cost Optimization....Pages 187-193
The Microeconomic Basis for Solow Model on Economic Growth....Pages 195-203
The Modeling Measure and Time Series Forecasting for Potential Demand in Chinese Residential Market....Pages 205-213
The Relationship Between Human Capital and Urban Evolution: Data from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei Regions....Pages 215-226
Xijiang Gold Waterway Industrial Layout and Path Selection....Pages 227-234
A Cost Estimation Model of Government Investment Projects Based on BP Neural Networks....Pages 235-241
Chance-Constrained Programming Model for Optimal Project Selection and Scheduling....Pages 243-250
A Study on Photovoltaic Internet Pricing Problem Under Bargaining Game Analysis....Pages 251-258
The Structure of Construction Enterprise and Its Competitive Strategic Choice in China....Pages 259-269
Research on Energy Saving of the Existing Public Building in China....Pages 271-279
Method of Product Development Cost Estimating Based on ProA Hierarchical Decomposition....Pages 281-293
Empirical Analysis on Influencing Factors to the Capital Structure of GEM Board Listed Companies in China....Pages 295-301
Measure Strategic Cost Based on Activity-Based Costing Method....Pages 303-311
The Influences of Sports Consumption on Expanding Domestic Needs and Its Function of Promoting Economic Growth....Pages 313-319
The Analysis of Environmental Population Capacity for the Yunyang County Based on the Ecological Footprint....Pages 321-327
The Research on Human Capital and Economic Development of Reservoir Area: Based on the Empirical Study of Yunyang....Pages 329-335
Research on Coal Enterprises Activity-Based Costing Accounting Model Based on ERP....Pages 337-343
The Empirical Study on Influence Factors of Word-of-Mouth Value of Customer Equity....Pages 345-352
Analysis of Recycling Cost and Recycling Benefit of the Recycling Economic Project....Pages 353-363
The Innovation of Training Model for New Bonded Logistics Personnel....Pages 365-372
A Research on Building a Perfect Accounting Supervision....Pages 373-379
An Empirical Research on High-Tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province Between Enterprise S&T Investment and Performance: Enterprises Competitiveness as an Intermediary Variable....Pages 381-389
The Salary Determination Model for Independent Colleges: Based on a Survey of Hubei Province Independent Colleges....Pages 391-398
Analysis of Determinants Affecting Cash Dividends Policy of Listed Producing Companies in China....Pages 399-403
Research on Regional Technical Innovation and Old Citys Development Through Suzhous Practice....Pages 405-414
Construction of Chinas Monetary Condition Index Based on the STR Model....Pages 415-423
Growth Needs, Compensation Design, Intrinsic Motivation and R&D Creativity....Pages 425-434
The Establishment of New Accounting Standards System in China....Pages 435-439
Study on the Sustainable Growth of the Natural Resource Industry in China....Pages 441-448
The Prediction Study on Output Value and Profit of China Mobile Tianjin Branch....Pages 449-455
Study on the Mechanism of Value Increment During City Marketing....Pages 457-466
An Empirical Research on Civilized Eco-Villages Sustainability in Hainan....Pages 467-475
Concept and Model Study for Reliability Engineering Capability of Equipment Development Units....Pages 477-486
Importance of Strategic PMO Functions for PM Maturity....Pages 487-496
Quantitative Reliability Assessment of Safety Instrumented Systems with Diverse Redundancy....Pages 497-507
Research on Influencing Factors Index System for Selecting a Project Delivery System....Pages 509-517
Research on Synergy Management Thought-Based Engineering Project Management Model....Pages 519-527
Research on the Reliability Growth Management Techniques of High-Speed Train for Whole Life Cycle....Pages 529-539
Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Test Model of Storage Life Based on Lagged Effect for Electronic Products....Pages 541-550
The Realization of Web Service Description of Project Procurement Management Based on Semantic....Pages 551-557
The Research of RAMS Management in Chinas High-Speed Railway Construction Project....Pages 559-568
The Research on Integration Methodology for Maintenance Support Resource....Pages 569-577
The Research on Trust Mechanism Between Client and Contractor in Construction....Pages 579-587
Reliability Analysis on Shell Design of Large Oil Storage Tanks....Pages 589-598
The Interval Estimation of MTBF Based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method....Pages 599-607
A CA-SVM Based Monte Carlo Approach for Evaluating Complex Network Reliability....Pages 609-617
Determination of Two Change Points of a Bathtub Failure Rate Curve....Pages 619-629
Weighted Linear Response Surface Method for Structural Reliability Analysis....Pages 631-639
The Latest Development of Objective Bayesian Analysis....Pages 641-646
Study on Fault Classification of Power-Shift Steering Transmission Based on v-Support Vector Machine....Pages 647-654
A Group Technology Based Methodology for Maintenance Scheduling....Pages 655-666
Research and Theory Application of Reliability Engineering Management on a Certain Type of Military Transport Aircraft Maintenance Training Simulator....Pages 667-675
Experimental Study of Transverse Crack Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery....Pages 677-683
Traffic Detector Placement Models with Reliability Holder....Pages 685-697
The Evaluation of Chinese Coal Miners Coping Styles....Pages 699-708
Study on A Scoring Method Model of Identifying Financial Risk of Budget Unit....Pages 709-717
A Research on the Comprehensive Influential Factors of Energy Conservation in Chinese Public Building....Pages 719-728
A Simulated Road Crossing Study in Elders with Mild Alzheimer Disease....Pages 729-737
Analysis of Impact of Construction Safety Design of the Owners....Pages 739-747
Analysis of the Relationship Between Safety Execution and Safety Performance....Pages 749-757
Improvement and Application of Modern Accident Causal Chain Model....Pages 759-766
Key Element and Improvement Strategy of Management Innovation in High-Tech Enterprise....Pages 767-774
Measures Against Emergencies in Time of Large-Scale Competition....Pages 775-783
Multilevel Grey Evaluation on the Risk of Chinese Oil Companies Transnational M&A Project....Pages 785-795
Post-Earthquake Fire Risk Decision Research Based on Bayesian Networks....Pages 797-804
Pricing Basket Credit Default Swap Based on Mix Copula Functions....Pages 805-813
Influencing Factors, Countermeasures and Suggestions for Safety Assessment Quality of Dangerous Chemicals Production Enterprises....Pages 815-824
An Empirical Study on the Effect of Independent Directors on Firm Performance from the View of Regulation Environment....Pages 825-835
Research and Application of the Dangerous Point and Risk Management System for Earthquake....Pages 837-844
Research and Implementation of Tourism Satellite Account in China....Pages 845-852
Research on Contractors Strategies Dealing with Risks Reallocated by Owners Under Particular Contract Clause....Pages 853-864
Research on the End Effect Experiment of New Type 18.4mm Kinetic Energy Pain Block Bullet....Pages 865-875
Research on Mode of Facility Operation and Management in Tianjin Station Hub Based on Facility Management Theory....Pages 877-887
Safety Evaluation Method of Oil Depot Based on Improved Dow Chemical Method....Pages 889-897
Study on Green Safety Degree in Construction Project Under Energy Conservation Idea....Pages 899-907
Study on the Classification of Performance Shaping Factors in Digital Control System of Nuclear Power Plants....Pages 909-918
Study on the Risks of Mining Logistics System Based on System Dynamics Model....Pages 919-928
The Causes and Consequences Analysis of Fire and Explosion Accident Happened in Buried Oil Tank of Gas Station....Pages 929-936
The Correlation Between Risk and Return: The Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies....Pages 937-948
The Relationship Between Financial Resource Allocation Efficiency and Growth in Different Areas of China....Pages 949-955
The Relationship of the Operational Risk with Other Types of Risks: Concept and Analysis....Pages 957-966
The Research of Banking Capital Resources Deployment Based on the Financial Ecological Environment and Credit Risk....Pages 967-976
Uncertain Investment Models for an Insurer with Ruin Constraint....Pages 977-988
Using Network Security Index System to Evaluate Network Security....Pages 989-1000
Research on Battlefield Awareness System Based on Internet of Things Technology....Pages 1001-1009
Regulations Construction and Implementation Difficulties of Chinas Internal Control over Financial Reporting....Pages 1011-1020
The Management of Political Risk in the Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions of General Aviation Aircraft Company Limited of China....Pages 1021-1028
Research on Dynamic Correlation Between A&B Stock Index of Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange Based on DCC-MGARCH Model....Pages 1029-1038
Empirical Analysis on the Impact Factors of Currency Substitution in China....Pages 1039-1046
Research on Effect of Customer Perceived Value on Quality Information Dissemination....Pages 1047-1056
Study on Early-Warning Assessment in Chinese Coal Mine Safety Based on Genetic Neural Networks....Pages 1057-1064
Identification of Critical Risk Factors in Software Project Risk Management....Pages 1065-1073
The Application of Enterprise QHSE Management Performance Evaluation System Based on Maturity Model....Pages 1075-1085
Study on Application of Internet of Things Technology in the Aviation Equipment Maintenance Safety Management....Pages 1087-1095
Study on the Causal Relationships Between Context and Human Error in Digital-Based Control System of NPPs....Pages 1097-1107
Research on Implementation Model of Enterprises Risk Management....Pages 1109-1119
Reconsideration on the Design of Warnings with Neuro-IE: From the View of Risk Perception and Decision Making....Pages 1121-1126
Research on Countermeasures and Suggestions of Financial Risk Management in Construction Enterprise....Pages 1127-1135
Research on Key Technology of Wireless Multimedia Communication for Mine Rescue....Pages 1137-1147
Digital Human Modeling for Musculoskeletal Disorder Ergonomics Researches in Healthcare....Pages 1149-1156
Insurance Funds Investment Strategy and Risk Management Structure....Pages 1157-1165
Study on Evaluation of Safety and Quality in Military Aircraft Maintenance....Pages 1167-1173
The Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Special Equipment Risk Assessment....Pages 1175-1184
Aviation Equipment Maintenance Safety Management Based on the Technology of IOT....Pages 1185-1194
Empirical Test of Asymmetric Wealth Effect of China Stock Market....Pages 1195-1204
Research on Risk Prevention and Control Model Facing Industry Technology Alliances Lifecycle....Pages 1205-1211
Governance of Bid-Rigging in the Bidding....Pages 1213-1221
Study on Harmonious Labor-Capital Relationship in Chinas Private Enterprises....Pages 1223-1232
Study on Risk Aversion of Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into College Professional Curriculum....Pages 1233-1239
The Role Analysis for the Shareholding Structure to Risk Control in PublicPrivate Partnerships....Pages 1241-1247
Hedging Based Price Decline Risk Management of Refined Oil Inventory....Pages 1249-1257
BP Neural Network-Based Commercial Loan Risk Early Warning Research....Pages 1259-1267
Research of Educational Resource Sharing Mechanism Based on Grid....Pages 1269-1276
A Research on Evaluating the Competition Power of Creative Industries in Heilongjiang Province....Pages 1277-1289
Some Thoughts on Educating Professionals for Mining Industry....Pages 1291-1298
Discussion on Harmonious College TeacherStudent Relationship....Pages 1299-1306
Research on Teaching Methods of Public Table Tennis in College and University....Pages 1307-1313
Based on the Engineering Thinking Perspectives to Analysis a Plan for Education and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE)....Pages 1315-1323
Discussion on the Beginning Education of the School Year About University Freshmen....Pages 1325-1332
Evaluation of College Students Innovation Concept Case Analysis Based on Taiyuan Institute of Technology Robot Team....Pages 1333-1344
Constructivism of Teaching Idea and Practice....Pages 1345-1355
Engineering Education in China: Status Quo, Problems and Countermeasures....Pages 1357-1363
Lean Production Education: A Prerequisite Course Designed for Industrial Engineers in China....Pages 1365-1373
Construction and Development of Entrepreneurial Curriculum System Based on Entrepreneurial Process....Pages 1375-1381
The Reform of Engineering Education Based the CDIO Approach....Pages 1383-1391
An Empirical Research of Influencing Factors About Entering Adaptation of University Graduates....Pages 1393-1403
Analysis of Motivation for Young College Teachers Development from the Perspective of Two-Factor Theory....Pages 1405-1413
The Exploration and Practice of Teaching Method Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing for Art Students....Pages 1415-1421
Study on Innovation Teaching for Industrial Engineering....Pages 1423-1431
On the Differentiated Performance Appraisal for Young Teachers in Institutions of Higher Education....Pages 1433-1438
Research on Talents Training Mode of Service Outsourcing in University....Pages 1439-1450
Study on the Competency of College Elitists....Pages 1451-1460
Study on Reform of Public Physical Education Management in Chinese Universities....Pages 1461-1468
Discussion on How to Cultivate Interdisciplinary Graduate Students....Pages 1469-1476
Research on Teaching Method of Engineering Graph Recognition Course for the Computer Science and Technology Major Based on Creative Thoughts and Application Ability Training....Pages 1477-1483
Watching the Theoretically Educational Hysteresis Quality of Universities from the Historical Position of Marxism....Pages 1485-1492
An Analysis on the Employment Characteristics of Engineering Graduates in China....Pages 1493-1498


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  • Publication Date: 2013
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