«His Little Black Book» by Thea Devine

His Little Black Book by Thea Devine

English | ISBN: 9781416531326 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

This meeting of the Mistress Club is now in session….

At a swanky café in midtown Manhattan, three twentysomething gals convene to discuss how to achieve their ultimate fantasy: becoming lusciously sexy, irresistibly seductive mistresses to supremely wealthy older men. Founders of their very own Mistress Club – Brooke, a confident brunette; Delia, a feisty blond sexpot; and MJ, an ambitious, red-haired siren – have sworn off unsatisfying one-night stands, vowing to take control of their sex lives. And thanks to Brooke, they have a set of guidelines for becoming elegant mistresses of sin:

Get first, then give

Don't waste your time on anything that won't get you something in return

Always dress to kill – stilettos are a must!

Be discreet, aloof, mysterious, elusive

Don't get invested in him – let him invest in you

And most of all, do NOT fall in love.

Despite the rules, each woman falls for a sexy man who gets what he wants – when he wants it – without giving anything in return. That is, until Brooke finds her way into the coveted pages of a high-powered businessman's little black book – opening the door for her and her friends to a hedonistic world of pleasure and passion that may be more than they bargained for….