Simone Korff Sausse and Regine Scelles, "The Clinic of Disability: Psychoanalytical Approaches"

The Clinic of Disability: Psychoanalytical Approaches

English | ISBN: 1782204458 | 2017 | 236 pages | PDF | 4 MB
This publication brings together eleven articles on the clinical treatment of disability from French researchers in the fields of psychology, anthropology, psychiatry, and philosophy. The authors all have practical experience in the field and most are clinicians sharing a common psychoanalytical epistemology.

The diverse nature of their contributions opens a window onto the mental life of people affected by various deficiencies, be they cognitive, motor, sensory or even multiple, and of those close to them, at all ages.

The work provides English-speaking readers with an insight into the way French authors raise the relevant issues, elaborate theories relating to clinical disability management and implement innovative practices.

Each of the authors develops an original approach, affording recognition to the subjectivity and intersubjectivity of the disabled person and those dear to them, intimating that the disability (as with all human experience) is all about the relation existing between the person concerned and their life story, and also their relations with others - with the society and culture in which the condition emerges and evolves throughout life.