E. Y. Odisho, "Techniques of Teaching Comparative Pronunciation in Arabic and English"

Techniques of Teaching Comparative Pronunciation in Arabic and English

English | ISBN: 1593332726 | 2005 | 194 pages | PDF | 1263 KB
The book is designed for Arabic-speaking students of English and English-speaking students of Arabic. It is based on a cognitive approach to teaching pronunciation: all activities, drills, and instructions are directed to the brain in conjunction with the relevant vocal organs helping students to master many intricacies of pronunciation. Attention is given to subtle differences between Arabic and English in segmental (vowels and consonants) and suprasegmental (clusters, stress, rhythm and intonation) domains, both of which are treated and taught holistically as systems, then identified, described, and taught as natural categories of sounds (subsystems) as well as individual sounds. All techniques of implementation are based on a triangular process of perception, recognition, and production, each phase reinforcing the next which collectively and cognitively prepare the brain to internalize the targeted sound or sound system. As a general demonstration of the approach, the book highlights techniques for teaching some of the most challenging sounds and sound phenomena in both Arabic and English.